Did you know you are a salesperson RIGHT NOW?

Everyone is a salesperson.  When you become a job seeker, you are really a salesperson. You are trying to get people to buy YOU.  Or your resume, or to spend time with you (lunch, etc.).  You are [...]

Awesome Blog Post on Salary Negotiation (Pete Leibman, Drew Brees)

Pete Leibman is a career nerd who has a passion for sports.  He just wrote a post titled What Drew Brees Can Teach You About Salary Negotiation. I’m sure no one would pay me even $10 to [...]

What is an Offer Letter? Offer Letters Defined by Paul Gumbinner

What is an offer letter?  Should you leave (resign from) your current job once you get an offer letter? What promises are made? Check out this post by Paul Gumbinner: What Offer Letters Are and [...]

Millenials: WATCH OUT! The next generation wants your job!

My favorite line from Sandra’s post, titled An Opportunity to Work, is this: So watch out Millenials, while you are worrying about your “personal brand” and fussing about it if [...]

How Will Obamacare’s Ruling Affect the Career Space?

It’s been interesting to see the reactions to the Supreme Court ruling that Obamacare is constitutional, which means it can move forward.  Lot’s of speculation and opinion flying [...]

No Fresh Job Search Advice: Why?

Have you noticed when you read job search advice articles and blogs that it all seems to be the same? Why is that? I have my theories.  Before I share them, I’ll lament with you about how [...]

Change your LinkedIn password now

I just changed my LinkedIn password.  Why?  Because LinkedIn got hacked. Links about it here. It takes just a few minutes to do this: Login to LinkedIn, Mouse over your name on the top right, and [...]

Job Search: Check your attitude at the door

Here’s the bottom line: You will be judged from the minute people see your resume. Or hear your name.  Or when they see your email address. Or when they see your LinkedIn Profile. There are [...]