Free Ebook: What I Wish I Had Known

Check out this page where you can download a free ebook titled What I Wish I Had Known. From the website, this book is… “…filled with inspiration, words of wisdom and leadership [...]

Job Search Communication: When and How to “interrupt” Someone

On my JibberJobber blog I have a theme for 2012: 99% of your job search is communication.  Whether it is written, verbal, body language, business cards, etc., you are communicating all the time. [...]

Staffing Agencies and High Demand Temporary Jobs

Earlier this month I wrote about Laurie Ruettimann’s advice about staffing agencies, and how she would incorporate them into her job search.  It’s pretty clear what she thinks, and I [...]

How Chemists do it: Job/career change

Check out this post on the American Chemical Society’s blog from Jeremy Monat, a trained chemist now working as a systems analyst in the Washington, D.C. area: Changing Jobs: Overcoming the [...]

Happy Valentines Day. Get Out Of Here.

Did you hear about the 8,700 jobs getting cut from Pepsi?  Or 13,000 jobs from American Airlines?  Or Kraft’s 1,600 layoff?  That’s what Caroline Ceniza-Levine writes about on her [...]

Recruiter Insight: Top Ten Interview Blunders

Recruiters.  Whether you love them or hate them (if you hate them, you might not understand what their role is in your job search), you have to admit, they know a ton about job search interviews. [...]

Job Search Questions on LinkedIn

Here are some recent questions you can find on Peter’s LinkedIn Profile.  His first degree contacts get these in email (sometimes) – but you can find them just by going to his Profile [...]

Is Your Recruiter Thinking About Firing You?

Another excellent article by a recruiter at Recruiting Blogs, titled 10 warning signals to drop a candidate. FYI, a recruiter talks about a client and a candidate.  Which are you? A CLIENT is the [...]

What HR Thinks About Job Interviews (Readers Digest Version)

This is the third, and final of the Readers Digest thoughts.  This time it’s on their post What HR People Won’t Tell You About The Job Interview. Here are some of their snippets (read [...]

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