Grammar Mistakes to Avoid on a Resume or Cover Letter

Grammar Mistakes to Avoid

Grammar mistakes to avoid at all costs. No one is going to argue that spelling and punctuation mistakes can kill a resume or cover letter. However, grammar mistakes can be less obvious but are just as deadly. They may not even be noted by spellcheck, Grammarly, and other tools used to detect such things. Get…

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Great Phrases for a Resume: Use one today!

Great Phrases for a Resume

You never really know how many people are applying for the same jobs that you are. So, you have to make your resume stands out in a sea of applicants if you really want to land an interview. The following are great phrases for a resume. If applicable, use them to make a hiring manager…

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Cover Letter Template: Not good enough for executives

cover letter template. Asian woman sitting at a desk in front of city skyline

A cover letter template can be a good place to start, but should not be where you stop. Just like with an executive level resume, your cover letter should be unique to you and the position you are applying to. Generic cover letters with a few key words sprinkled in for the Applicant Tracking System…

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Best and Worst Greetings for Cover Letters

cover letters

Cover letters are different now than they used to be. They’re getting submitted via online job applications and forms and not through the mail. They’re not written as letters, they’re written in blank boxes or sent as emails. But that doesn’t mean a professionally written cover letter isn’t important. In fact, it’s probably even more…

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Cover Letter Tips: Let Your Personality Show!

cover letter tips

Cover Letter Tips that Will Help you STAND OUT! You will find lots of ideas regarding cover letter tips on the internet, so which ones do you follow? Cover letters are a necessary part of any job search, just like having a professional resume. As you know, resumes are a professional document showcasing your skills…

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Writing the Perfect Email Cover Letter

email cover letter

Sending an Email Cover Letter Most resumes are transmitted these days by email. Paper resumes are used at interviews or upon request by recruiters. But what about cover letters? When you send your resume by email, the content of the email itself serves as the cover letter and will be the first thing a prospective…

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The Importance of a Cover Letter

I’ve heard debate recently about cover letters – are they important, do you need to write one, etc. Cover letters are kind of hard to write.  Maybe they are more of a pain, really, than they are hard to write. And anything that is a pain to job seekers is questioned… “waa, waa, do we…

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Job Seekers: Stop Working So Hard!

Another insightful Recruiting Blogs post from a recruiter, Julie Pentis, titled: Job Seekers: Stop Working So Hard! You’ve heard the job search is a numbers game, right?  It used to be, for sure. Julie writes: I had someone apply for 15 of our job openings the other day. Fifteen! And all the job openings called…

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Tax Tips For Job Seekers

You probably already sent your taxes in, right?  Well then, this is for next year… keep this in mind since it can result in some money back in your pocket. Also, if you have been on the fence about spending money in your job search, this might lighten the decision a bit. Tax issues for…

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