Professional Cover Letter Services

Career Resumes offers comprehensive cover letter services. Even if you have a strong resume or CV, a poor cover letter will not get the phone to ring. A good cover letter will create an inquiry. Similarly, when a prospective employer sees a poor presentation of your credentials on your resume/CV, you will not get a call for an interview. They both have to be good. Attach your resume/CV, and we will contact you about creating your cover letter and providing professional career assistance. If your resume/CV provides detailed information, the fee ranges from $100 to $150 and up. If it does not contain enough information, we will explain why and tell you what the additional cost would be to correct it.

Sample Cover Letters for Resume

If you are a visual learner, seeing samples of cover letters can help you create one on your own. We are happy to provide different examples for you to review. Check out the sample letters featured in the gray box above. Please note that each letter is customized based on if the jobseeker is reaching out to a company to inquire about a job or responding to an open position that has been advertised.

Career Assistance You Can Count On

When you reach out to us for cover letter services, you can depend on us to draft a letter that presents your qualifications and work experience perfectly. It doesn’t matter if you’re looking to secure a job with a media company or consulting firm; we can help you. Our aim is to encourage employers to look at our clients’ resumes and consider them for the positions that they have open.

If you have any questions about our cover letter services or sample cover letters for resumes, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for assistance. Our professionals provide detailed answers to all concerns and inquiries. We also offer free critiques of resumes.

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