Job Security in The Age of AI Advancements

by Guest Author, Miles Oliver Artificial intelligence (AI) has already started to make an impact on people’s everyday lives. While fascinating there are also various concerns about how the implementation of AI is likely to affect job security in the near future. This is a vital element to consider. After all, AI is proving to…

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How to Leverage Transferable Skills In Your Job Search

by Guest Author,  Frankie Wallace Are you considering a career change or embarking on a job search to find your first “real” job? Highlighting your transferable skills in your resume, cover letter, and interview is essential if you want the best chance at landing your next role. But what exactly are transferable skills? Definition of…

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Why Now is the Best Time to Start Your Career in the Logistics Sector

by Guest Author, Lucy Wyndham Economics research firms report that nearly 31% of grocery products in American stores were out of stock in recent weeks. Clearly, current events are putting tremendous pressure on global supply chains that are already suffering a shortage of drivers. Indeed, everyone from food delivery to freight companies are looking for drivers, making…

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Is Embellishing Expected on a Resume?

by Guest Author, Samantha Nolan Dear Sam: It seems when I read the resumes of my friends and colleagues, they consistently claim accomplishments that seem exceptionally impressive and make me question the strength of my resume. Is it normal to embellish on a resume and stretch the truth to make yourself sound like a stronger…

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Job Search Success Strategies If You’re Over 50

by Guest Author, Robin Ryan   “I read about all the labor shortages, and hear that other colleagues are landing new, high-paying jobs, so why can’t I get one?” asked Cathy, a director in her late 50s. “I think it’s because of age discrimination. My resume gets recruiters to call, and they set up the…

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Fast-Growing Careers for Remote Jobs in 2021

Looking for remote jobs in 2021? Remote jobs are becoming a new way of life in 2021. Many professionals enjoy the freedom of working wherever they want while earning a good income and it is good for the company as well because it lowers overhead and other costs. Related: 10 Best Remote Work Practices To…

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Writing a Time Management Action Plan for Remote Teams

time management

As more people have to adjust to remote work, managers need to ensure team efficiency. “How?” you ask. The answer lies in a time management action plan. Poor time management can build up stress and tension while your team hectically tries to keep it together and meet the deadline. Don’t let this happen. Write an…

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Resume Tricks to Get Past Artificial Intelligence

resume tricks

Resume tricks and strategies to get past ATS and AI technology. We came across a really helpful article for resume tricks in the New York Times recently titles, Résumé-Writing Tips to Help You Get Past the A.I. Gatekeepers and we wanted to share. We often get asked, “Why Aren’t I Getting Responses to My Resume?”…

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Men: Is Nursing Your Next Career?

nursing. Picture of a male nurse with a face mask and hair net.

Guest author: Julia Merrill, owner of Befriend Your Doc If you were asked to picture a nurse, you’d probably imagine a woman. For the last several centuries, nursing has been a predominantly female field. However, this stereotype holds us all back. There is nothing that makes men any less capable of being an amazing nurse.…

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