More on Soft Skills – Which Are Most Important in 2019?

We’ve written about soft skills here before. However, it’s a big topic with a lot of applications and a lot of interesting cupboards to peer into. Hard skills? Soft skills? Which are [...]

Killer Personal Branding Story: Jacob Share

Jacob Share is a friend of mine who runs JobMob.  I had never heard the story that he blogged about yesterday titled The Best Personal Branding Story You Haven’t Heard, where he talks about [...]

Are your emails even being read?

I’m a nut for communication.  The 2012 JibberJobber theme was all about communication. Check out this post from Recruitment Dad titled How to Write Emails That Sell – In 5 Easy Steps I [...]

Job Search Communication: When and How to “interrupt” Someone

On my JibberJobber blog I have a theme for 2012: 99% of your job search is communication.  Whether it is written, verbal, body language, business cards, etc., you are communicating all the time. [...]

What is an Offer Letter? Offer Letters Defined by Paul Gumbinner

What is an offer letter?  Should you leave (resign from) your current job once you get an offer letter? What promises are made? Check out this post by Paul Gumbinner: What Offer Letters Are and [...]

Staffing Agencies and High Demand Temporary Jobs

Earlier this month I wrote about Laurie Ruettimann’s advice about staffing agencies, and how she would incorporate them into her job search.  It’s pretty clear what she thinks, and I [...]

How Will Obamacare’s Ruling Affect the Career Space?

It’s been interesting to see the reactions to the Supreme Court ruling that Obamacare is constitutional, which means it can move forward.  Lot’s of speculation and opinion flying [...]

No Fresh Job Search Advice: Why?

Have you noticed when you read job search advice articles and blogs that it all seems to be the same? Why is that? I have my theories.  Before I share them, I’ll lament with you about how [...]