Job Search Attitude

Check out this brilliant (and short) post on Recruiting Blogs from Emily Gordon.  Seriously, brilliant! It is titled I wouldn’t hire you as my recruiter…and neither would you! I love the main [...]

Job Titles: Are you a guru, wizard, ninja, rockstar or evangelist?

Check out this post by Carolyn Menz, titled Recruiting for Gurus, Wizards, Ninjas, Rockstars and Evangelists. I love how she starts: Job titles can go through trends just like anything else. When [...]

An Executive Resume Writer…

… is NOT a typist. When you hire a professional resume writer, or an executive resume writer, you are hiring someone to create your personal marketing material. They are not just there to [...]

Long Term Unemployment

There’s an article on CNN Money titled What happens when the jobless give up? The article starts out with some profound questions, like “what happens when unemployed husbands resign [...]

How to prioritize your tasks as a job seeker

My last post was about networking too much… at the end I talked about the IMPORTANT and URGENT tasks. Recently I read an awesome idea on how to ensure you are moving forward (not just doing [...]

The Job Search Is Scary. Embrace Scary?

I know how scary it is.  There is a lot of scary on different levels.  Perhaps it is the fear of rejection.  The fear of discrimination.  The fear of having to do something you don’t know [...]