Hi Peter, 

I received the draft back from Jeanie and it looks great! I’m working through the edits with her.
Question for you – you mentioned that I would have access to apply to positions or headhunters in 3 industries. (If I said that right). Can you tell me more about that and how we will move forward once ready?

Chad S.

Hi Peter,

Thank you. I do appreciate everything you and your team did for me.


Harry K.

I got the cover letter and I love it!!!  If we could all be as good with words as you are. It’s perfect. Thanks so much!

This document is a work of art.  It is significantly different from any of the multiple prior resumes other professionals have drafted.

Hi Jean;
Thanks for the draft, honestly speaking it is such a big change from my original one that I am not sure i want to change any of the work you did, to me it looks great, so i will leave it as is.
I do see the benefit of using key words for any potential post of interest, and i will follow that advise.
At this time you can go ahead and conduct the corresponding proofread and let’s get to work on cover letters, and subsequently my linkedin profile.
I look forward to your comments and to the next step.
Alfredo O.

Getting back to you about the resume:
The resume looks great!  Wow is all I can say– over the top good!
James S.

I can’t thank you enough for the resume, it is wonderful.  It is worth every cent.
I appreciate and applaud your work.
Thank you,
Erik B.

Hi Peter,

Are you available to talk Monday regarding next steps. Jeanie did a great job and now we are ready to send out the resumes to Recruiters.

Thank you,

Harry K.

Hi Jean,
I love the look and am extremely pleased with the first draft. Attached are my changes, all minor. I striked out the 14 year number because above in the EVP position we say 13 years. I look forward to your feedback and next steps.
Harry K.

Hey Jeanie!
I remade the suggested edits and am resending this as a new document in case it got buried last week, or something happened on my end.
It’s great! Very small tweaks. Thanks so much for your hard work on this. What are the next steps?
Christopher H.

Greetings Peter,
Let me introduce you to James.
James is a lifelong educator who is approaching retirement but wants to sharpen up his resume and professional exposure to continue working in some format. I have known him for years and find him to be a kind and thoughtful gentleman who you will enjoy meeting.
Please thank Jeanie for me.
I am involved in several projects thanks to your work.
Best regards,
Henry S.


Thank you very much for the fine resume. Actually, I have to tell you that the resume I sent you is actually a product from a job coach that I had in the past and you have far exceeded my expectations on the product that you created for me. I’m very happy with how you wrote the resume to make me stand out. There are a couple of things that I want to check and I will be getting back to you soon.

Thank you so much,

Kevin F.

Thank you very much.  Your resume writing skills helped me kick off my new career after retirement from military service.
Veronica W.

Hi Peter,

Hope the new year has been swell. That resume you wrote me last landed me my dream job. All my best to you and your team.

Hey, I have CC’d a good buddy of mine. He is a really talented gentleman in my industry and at times a mentor. He needs your help in getting one of those door opening resumes.

Jerry S.

Hello Dan,

The resume looks great! Thank you for confirming that it passes every ATS test. Thank you for all of your help!

Best Regards,

Richard D.

Hi Peter,

Hope you are well.  Dan delivered – exceeded my expectations.  The bar was high too from everything Rudy told me.  I was curious if Dan hasn’t started my cover letter yet if I could do some sort of swap and just do the LinkedIn.  I can pay the difference.  If that’s not possible, then I would like to add the LinkedIn work as well.
Again, very happy with the work, and hope you are doing well.
Take care,

Good Afternoon Peter,
I hope you are doing well. I wanted to let you know the resume and cover letter Jeanie created are excellent. I wanted to interview myself after receiving them.
Thank you so much.
Best regards,
Jeff S.

Hi Dan,

I really love it…Overall I’m blown away, it’s the first time I’ll be proud to share my resume with anyone.
Take care,


I’ve been away for some surgery. First, the resume has received favorable feedback. Highly favorable. I’d like to know where we left off on the linked in profile. Will you please square me away on next steps on that point please?

Yours truly,

Jeanne G.

Hi Peter –

Dan finished my resume and it looks great!

I am very happy with it.

Can we get the cover letter and linked in profile update moving along as well?

What do I need to do next?

Thanks – Pat McA.


We are so very lucky to have you work on Kam resume, he has conducted a few interviews and hoping for an answer soon.

Thanks so much and god bless.

Hilda & Kam K.


Thanks for your help Gregory,

My resume is brief, precise but very impactful . Language is very professional. I am happy with this resume. Just one question .. for education MBA stands for Masters in business administration, but in my resume it says MBA in business administration. I don’t know if that is right or not. And if you can tell me what’s next please.

Hafiz P.


Attached are my edits. Overall, this looks great. I need additional emphasis put upon my business operations experience in addition to my IT experience. I did purchase the text version of the documents. I would also like to purchase the ATS optimized document and have my LinkedIn once we have finalized the resume. I understand there is an additional cost for those services.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the resume comments/edits.

Thank You
Jessica K.

Hello Greg.

Nice job on the resume and cover letter. I’ve attached some edits for the resume. The cover letter provides a good structure and starting point for me to use with each application I submit.

One question… I’ve been told that I should leave my address off the resume because it may discourage some recruiters from contacting me. From your experience, is that good advice?

Thank you!

Michael G.

Thanks Greg.

This looks good.  What is the next step?

What would you need from me re: linkedin update.
Please let me know.
Nisha W.

Hi Greg, 

Thanks for the resume, it looks great.  

I have made some edits and comments with “Track Changes” activated in Word.

Please let me know that you are able to open the file ok.  

Best Regards,

Earl W.

Hi Peter,

Thank you for your help in rebuilding my resume, Jeanie did a fantastic job.
I am interested in discussing the recruiter database service further, are you available for a call tomorrow at 9am?
Kind regards,
Bianca G.

Hello Greg,
This looks FANTASTIC. You did a great job.I have made some minor corrections in Red. I is attached.
I would like you to prepare my Linkedin format since the resume came out so good. Do I go back to Jane to give her my credit card or do you take the info? She quoted $150.00 for it.
Please let me know how to proceed.
Thank you again.
Doug M.


My apologies for the delay.

I am really impressed with your work. You make me look real good.

You clearly distilled my background and experiences down to the essential components.

See the attached resumes with mark-up, edits, and comments.

Thank you,

Charles F.



Attached are my edits. Overall, this looks great.

I need additional emphasis put upon my business operations experience in addition to my IT experience. I did purchase the text version of the documents.

I would also like to purchase the ATS optimized document and have my LinkedIn once we have finalized the resume. I understand there is an additional cost for those services.

Please let me know if you have any questions on the resume comments/edits.
Thank You,
Jessica K.



Thank you for your help, Peter

Dan did a great job for me and I appreciate his efforts!

Julia G.


Good morning, Peter.
I hope this finds you well!  I am really pleased with the resume Jeanie has provided and am looking forward to finalizing it.  She sent over the 2nd draft last night and I returned the couple of edits this morning.  I’m excited to get it into proof this week.  Thanks again.
In the meantime, can we expand this project to include a cover letter and LinkedIn Profile?  Please forward the info at your earliest convenience and I’ll process it today.
Excited for next steps,
Jenn K.

Hi Peter,

I hope you are doing well.

Jeanie was very helpful with my resume, LinkedIn and cover-letter.

Do you know how or what can I do to reach out to Recruiters?

Best regards,

Ana S.

Hi Greg,
The updates look great, no further changes are required.  
Please send me the text version of the document at your convenience.     
Thanks for your assistance,
Sherry D.

Good morning Dan.

My resume looks great.

What is the next step in the recruiting process with your service?
Scott S.

Dear Gregory,

Good job!  I like it. I have made a small change to each document. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me via email or phone. I look forward to seeing the LinkedIn profile proof.
Gregg Di C.

Hi Jeanie,

Thank you for a wonderful resume, WOW! I did have a couple of comments if that is okay? Since I didn’t change any actual words, I’ve added my thoughts in comments. I’m so excited to start using my new and very improved resume. Do you think I can add a cover letter, or are you too busy?

Peggy R.

Happy New Year, Peter!

All the best for 2019.

I’ve received Jeanie’s first draft of my resume and was happy with the results.

I’m looking forward to receiving draft 2/final and the letter.

It’s been a pleasure working with you, Anita and Jeanie.


Tracey J.

I wanted to touch base and say that already, I’m pleased I contracted with you all to rewrite the resume/cover letter and then do the email blast.
While the ultimate goal is to land the perfect job, the combination of the above is opening doors. Since the email blast went out on Monday, I’ve received:
-appx 75 emails with “impressive background, not currently working on any assignments that would be a fit but will add you to our database”
-5 actual phone conversations
        a. 2 have been interviews albeit, one sounded like a perfect fit but the compensation was $40,000 lower than what I put into the email blast criteria and is also low for the type of role
        b. 3 have been with recruiters to gain a better understanding of my background. Results so far = 1 might have an opportunity to present to me by tomorrow, another is supposed to have their background on me completed by tomorrow and can then share 3 roles that might be a fit, and another is scheduling a call with the VP of sales for a position he feels I’d be excellent for.
In addition to this, I have another call with a recruiter scheduled for tomorrow for “several positions that might be a fit” and another discussion still being scheduled for early next week.
On top of this, one of the managing partners I spoke with today mentioned that normally, he receives thousands of emails like the one that came from the blast, but the reason he reached out is because of how clear the resume was written. He said that typically the resumes he receives are garbage, but mine made it very clear on strengths, accomplishments and what I was looking for so KUDOS to Jeanie ?
Just wanted to give some initial feedback from day 3.5 since the email blast went out
Patrick W.

Greg,  Good Morning.

What a great job.  Looks like we are 95%+ there.  Several highlights of the attached:
  • Suggested additions are in red.
  • Suggested deletions are highlighted in yellow (couldn’t find the line out option….).
I’ll give you a call with a couple of questions.
Looking forward to getting this finalized and moving on to the LinkedIn profile update.  Not sure how long the LinkedIn piece will take.  I was hoping to get it updated so people could read it over the Thanksgiving weekend but that might be pressing it.
Feels good to have this moving along and so close to the finale version.
Brian B.

Thank you so much for your input Peter.

This is the most candid input I’ve received on my resume and I do appreciate it.

Have a blessed day.

Rolande S.

Dear Peter,

The resume that Jeanie prepared for Susan was really well done.  Thank you.

Can you please also prepare a cover letter for Susan Y.? 

If you still have my credit card details then please go ahead and charge the card for the amount you mentioned before.  If you need to get the number again then please call my U.S.A. phone number.

Thank you!

Steve B.

Jeanie and I have finished my resume.  She did a great job.  What are the next steps?
Additionally, I am interested in updating my LinkedIn profile.  How do we proceed on that front?
David W.

Hi Jeanie –

I made a few small edits. Didn’t see the need to send them to you marked up since they were simple. Attached is what I believe is very strong and final.

I am interested in moving asap on cover letter and by copy of this to Peter on the LinkedIn profile.

Let me know specific next steps and timing please. Could you also confirm you received this.

Well done.


Tony S.

Peter and Jane –

Thank you- your work is very impactful (Email Distribution).

I have received approx. 30 responses and several of them have asked for an opportunity to connect via phone. I have spoken with 3 recruiters already and have several more to schedule.

Do you want to see all responses or just the ones with a change of focus?- I am happy to share any of them.

Kind regards,

Philip K.


Thank you, these look very good. 

Will you know begin the process of updating my LinkedIn profile?

Steve W.

Dear Jeanie,

Thank you so much for this. I love the result.

I’ve made a few changes here and there, and caught some typos of names of organizations.

It’s ready to go now!

I have a couple of questions for you:

1. In that opening section with the grey background that reads: ‘ Senior Director, Government Affairs, Financial Services’, is that supposed to reflect the role I aspire to? Or is it giving a glimpse of where I am now? I wasn’t sure how tentative employers would view that. (But then you saw how out of date my CV was).
2. What is the cost and process involved in requesting a cover letter?

Thank you again!! I am so impressed.

Susan Y


Outstanding job!  I’m not sure what I was expecting, but you exceeded my expectations!  You created a silk purse out of a sow’s ear!  I liked you putting the volunteer section up front and Hertz at the bottom – very good insight.

David W,



Pierre, Peter,

I want to thank you so much for your help and inspiration through this process.

Pierre, your writing is phenomenal, and you have shaped a narrative that I was too close to see.

I have already invited several colleagues to reach out to you, and if there’s an online review you’d like me to contribute to, please let me know.

Thank you,

Alan E.

Thank you Greg,
I think that this looks much better and serves as a pretty good representation of what I do, and have done, in the past.
I will have to dig out the initial email I received to see if there are any other services that I might be able to employ to help round out potential candidacy for future employment ventures
Thank you for the time and effort you put into this !
Mike H.

Good evening Greg
First let me thank you for putting this together, this is truly a much improved document over what I had been previously using.
I have utilized the track changes functionality in Word to make some suggestions for a few minor tweaks.
Please feel free to reword in whatever fashion you feel best reflects the message. I look forward to your feedback
Thank you again,
Mike H.

Hi Greg,
I think what you did looks great!
I don’t really see any inaccuracies or anything I need to change.  I did BOLD the two company names at the bottom (see Track Changes) but if you don’t think it’s a good idea, you can remove. (I did not make any changes to Cover Letter).
Also, I did order the ATS version.  Is that a different document and would I use both or just submit the ATS version to any job I apply to?


Asad K.


I wanted to let you know that since I have been using my newly revised resume written by Jeanie, I getting more responses to positions that I apply to online and send to recruiters.
I have gotten a few compliments that my background is great, amazing, and impressive.
I was not getting that before, so clearly I am getting the feedback that I want.  Now I just need to land the job:-)).
Francesca B.


I have taken my time to read this multiple times over many days, and only have 2 items to address, which i have highlighted in RED.  If you can look at those, i believe that this is good to go.
Excellent job, I am really pleased.
John P

Jeanie did a good job on revising my resume.  I’ve sent them out to the various internet job sites.
Do you have a method to send out my revised resume to your database of recruiters? 
Please advise.
Andrew K.


Good day Peter!

I just received my finished product from Dan.  The finished product is far beyond any expectations I had for it.

Next step is to update my LinkedIn profile.

Thank you

Robert R.

Hi Dan,
Great job!  Let’s call this a final at this point.
Much appreciated!
Dale M.

I only spotted a couple of things and made the changes using track changes so you can find them quickly. Nothing substantial. Excellent job you have done here — I don’t think I would ever have reached this state on my own!
Thank you so much!
Mark F.

Hi Jeanie,

I think the resume looks great. Thanks for all the hard work. I look forward to seeing the cover letter and having my LinkedIn page updated.

Please let me know if you need anything else from me.


Robert S.

Hi Pierre,

This is amazing!!! Your work is great and this (resume and cover letter) is perfect! 

Thank you so much! 

Heather C.

I can’t thank you enough for all your time and effort.  THANK YOU!!!!!
Jimmy O.



I really appreciate all the time you spent on my resume and cover letter.  Other than the spacing referenced, do you think we are ready to move on to the linkedin profile?
It has been a pleasure working with you.
Thank you for all your time and effort.
Jimmy O.

I hope all is well.  Attached are the resume and cover letter with the requested feedback.  I used the comment feature via-track changes to incorporate questions regarding a few items.  I would greatly appreciate your feedback.
If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.
Thank you for your time and effort.
Have a great day.
Jimmy O.

Hi Greg,
I liked your work! Really impressed on how small changes were done but significantly changed the entire document.
I’m attaching a reviewed document with a few changes.  Please review it and modify the CL accordingly.
Thank you!
Rosa G.

Hi Greg,
I love what you’ve created; very well-done!
Thank you. I have attached my edited version.
Joe B.

Greetings, Pierre,

I think you did a great job, I like the weave in of the contractor information.

Yes, to your question my longevity has been in the healthcare field.

Also, the LinkedIn document looks good as well.

I will be going out of the country on Friday, so I’m hoping to have the finished product on both documents soon. 

Thank you,

Victoria B.

Peter and Pierre,

Just a quick note to say thank you for your help with my resume. Your help paid off!

I will be starting a new role next month as VP, Customer and Shopper Strategy.

I was wondering if you could help me with my executive bio. I have attached the job description for my new role and a draft that I started, but it feels too long and kind of boring.

Any help would be appreciated. And thanks again.

Ray B.

Hi Greg,

Thank you for sending me my resume draft. I tried to follow all of your instructions to avoid any delays in the editing process. I have noted changes in red. I did have a question regarding the 2nd through 5th bullets under XXXX company. The first bullet is correct stating that I facilitated the process for the conversion. The remaining bullets based on how I’m reading it make it sound like I was the one who did the actual work – I really helped to facilitate the process to ensure that the results that you noted in the bullets were achieved. If I am reading it incorrectly, let me know that as well. I just want to be sure I don’t misrepresent anything on my resume.
Appreciate your hard work on my resume. This is so much better than anything I could have put together.
Juliana S.


Thanks for your help with my resume.  It worked and was awesome!!!!!!

Jacob M.



Dear Peter/Greg,

Let me start by saying thanks for a job well done on my resume. The transformation from old to new is amazing.

Peter I am back from vacation and is ready to do the resume blast but I am in need of your help, I am on your website and I need help pointing me where to do the resume blast to the recruiters. Please guide me, as to where I can get this done.

Kind regards

Paul J.

Thanks for your time and effort put into getting my resume done, I am very please with the outcome and have a few minor changes. Before sending the changes to you I have a question about the ATS program and Recruiter Database. Can you please explain what it is and how it works.
All the best!
Paul J.

Good morning, Pierre,

This is awesome! Thank you.  Please see my responses (yellow highlight); see attached document.
The coaching certification provides coaches with a structure and toolbox. I just began my program so I will be able to share more after January. ;)
Please let me know if you need additional information.
Once again, thank you very much!
Have a GREAT day!
Kind regards,
Evelyn C.

Hi Pierre,

I read through it and made some changes…I didn’t know if you needed it back to see what I did so I attached it FYI.

I think I’ll go ahead with it – there are some good jobs lately that I want to apply to ASAP.

Thanks so much for your lovely creation and helping my confidence!

Cindy G.

Hi Greg,
Thank you for updated version.   Sorry could not get my feedback  earlier, I got busy at work last week. 
It looks good, I just added couple of comments. Would you please check and advise if it will work.
Galina S.

Peter (Jeanie),

My resume and cover letter(s) look great.  Jeanie did a fantastic job.  Just waiting on her to update LinkedIn.
I am interested in the recruiter database.  How do I go about moving forward with getting my resume out.  Do I just fill in the form or work with somebody on your team since you already have my resume and cover letter on file?
Please advise at your earliest convenience.
Steve B.


Thank you for sending the draft of my resume over.  I’m on vacation this weekend but took a look at it on my phone.  Overall, I am very happy but will send a few comments your way by Tuesday at the latest.
I would also like to add on a cover letter and revision of my LinkedIn profile.  I’m assuming we can discuss those add-on’s next week?
Thanks again.
-Steve B.

Hi Greg,
Thank you for sending this. It looks really good!  The only change I would make is adding a reference to working cross-functionally, perhaps in the top paragraph.
My one other question is when presenting a physical copy to someone, is 32lb Ivory cotton  still the preferred stock to use or is there a more preferred type to be using.
Thank you again, your work is great!
Jason H.


Thank you. Looks great.
I added a few comments. Please review and let me know. Please note that I’m using Word on Mac, not PC. Hope that doesn’t add much work on your end.
Abdulrahman B.


Hello Peter,

The resume looked great, Jeannie did a good job, thank you!
Looking forward to getting the LinkedIn profile from you.  Any idea when I can expect this?  Thank you!
Warmest Regards,
Mark A.

Hi Pierre, 

Thank you for your advice.  With my limited knowledge, the attached Bio is the final one.

If you want, I can keep you in the loop for the next steps on my side.

I hope this is the last time I do this; looking for work, documents in my life and all the rest….




Dan M.


Very impressive. Well done.

David K.


Hello Greg,
Wonderful , simply wonderful – you have literally put a digest of my best works in such a concise manner.
Thank You .
I couldn’t find anything major except for two things. I have used Track Changes to mark my comments.
Please advise.
Atanu P.

Good Morning Peter , Greg and Jane,

I just wanted you three to know that I am getting a lot of interest from the people on the e-mail distribution list.

Thank you Greg for a great resume and Peter for recommending Jane’s company for the distribution.

Thank you Jane for sending out my information.

I will keep you all posted!

I believe this will turn out to be the best money that I’ve invested as I look at the next phase of my career!

Have a great day!

Melissa B.


The is really well done!

Thank you. Just a few minor comments (highlighted through Track Changes)

Denis P.


Outstanding job! Just perfect.

Don’t change a thing. It’s so good, I might hire myself.

Definitely worth the money.

Carry on and thank you.

Hello Gregory,

I am interested in having my resume that you created, formatted for ATS software. I’ve recently received feedback from recruiters that my resume isn’t getting through their ATS systems. I’ve attached the most recent version of my resume. You’ll notice that I’ve updated my address at the top and I made some very small word changes, however almost 95% of the resume should be as you created it.

Please let me know if you are able to convert this into an ATS version and how much you charge.
Thank you very much for doing a terrific job with my resume. I’ve referred my brother and several friends to you so hopefully they’ve taken my advice and used your service. 
Best Regards,
Brett T.


The resume looks great. The format is definitely different from old one, but, you managed to capture in two pages, what I was doing in three to four.

You are absolutely correct about a difficult transition. I have submitted to numerous positions and have not even gotten a call back. I am working my personal network for all it is worth. I will also take your suggestion about finding a recruiter.

Based on what you have presented, we can call the resume complete. I believe I also purchased a cover letter and a LinkedIn profile update. We can move on to those items when you are ready.


Rick L.

Hi Peter,

Just wanted to let you know that Jeanie did a great job with my resume.

Also, can you provide a bit more information on your network of recruiters that you mentioned.

I would like to get that process moving as quickly as possible.

Thank you.

Kevin M.

Greg, thank you very much – great job!

Ive reviewed the cover letter and have no edits/changes.

Thanks again!
Frank D.

Greg –
The is really well done!
Thank you. Just a few minor comments (highlighted through Track Changes)
Denis P.


Keeping you posted?
OK … how’s this … through your brilliant resume re-write, and your spot-on counseling and advice, I have secured six interviews in 3 days.
In case you think you miss-read that:  6 interviews in 3 days!   Quality, C-level executive positions with solid, reputable companies….exactly what I was targeting.  To put that in perspective, I had secured 2 interviews in 4 weeks with my old resume.
My dear Miss Tammy, I can’t thank you enough!  To say that I’m ecstatic is an understatement.
 Jim M.



I just received my resume and cover letter from Greg Faherty. They look great.

He is working on the LinkedIn profile now. Per your original price quote email,

I’m requesting to connect here on LinkedIn. I will also call about the resume distribution services shortly.


Gary R.


Attached is s copy of the resume with a few comments. I have to say I really like what you’ve done and with the exceptions of a couple questions and maybe one change in content, I think it looks great.
I’ll wait to hear your responses and then we can look at finalizing this and moving forward with the updates for my linkedin page.
Thank you
Brian K.


Dear Jeanie,

I just wanted to thank you for all your hard work on my files!!

My Resume, LinkedIn profile and Cover Letter now have a good look, so I hope for a positive outcome of my campaign.

It was a pleasure meeting you and working with you!

I have few colleagues interested in building their candidate profiles, so I’ll be referring to you and Peter.
I will also share widely my -hopefully- future success story and your part in it on social media!

Now I pray our team work will get me on a new exciting career journey!

Thank you indeed for all your work and help! I Cc Peter- to thank you once again as well! You guys are a GREAT team!

Wishing you both a VERY happy and productive New Year!!

Kindest regards,

Anton R.


I am very happy with the resume. I just need one thing added to my cover letter.
Dave M.


I am completely satisfied with the process and the product that you provided.

I am very thankful for the attention that you provided to my needs and to the resume, it looks terrific.

I don’t believe that I have any further concerns, or additional edits, at this time. 

Thank you,

Roland K.


You and Pierre bring the professionalism to the table. Both of you have a lot of respect and patience to work with people when they are at their worst moments in their life.

I can’t speak for everyone, I have to highlight your presence and support when we live this transition. Both of you are always there to answer all questions. The respect of timeline is incredible, confidentiality and different financial situations.

The last is the quality of the material you provide. You are translating a career move to great words and sentences. You are domino number one for many of us re-shifting our career or to live day by day with dignity because we know people like you guys, are always there to help us.

Thank you, Dr. Dan M., PhD.


You know my writing skills are really bad, You can improve my first email to both of you. Something you must know, I never been so proud to present the documents about me to the recruiters.

Thank you

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the draft. I think it look great!  I’m very happy with your
input and it’s looking and reading much better now.  I’ve made some
minor edits, attached, let me your thoughts.


Dina I.

Hi Pierre,

Thanks for the draft. I think it look great!  I’m very happy with your
input and it’s looking and reading much better now.  I’ve made some
minor edits, attached, let me your thoughts.


Dina I.

Jane and Greg,
I wanted to say thank you.
I’m happy to say that I have secured a new job.
The resume put together by Greg was viewed very positively, with higher reach and frequency of interested talent acquisition specialists then my old resume.
In fact, the hiring company said that they were “enamored” with my resume and qualifications.
Thank you you both!
John F.

Hi Greg,
Excellent work!!!
I have only a few small edits in red highlight.
One question -Is there any value to shorten the LV experience and add brief experience from XYZ company? No strong opinion on this,just wanted to confirm your thoughts.
Many thanks!
David S.

Hello Peter,

Thank you for introducing me to Jeannie Oscarson. She did a great job on the resume and cover letter writing!
Can you advise on how the LinkedIn content writing will be handled? I was not sure if Jeannie was my contact on that part or not.
Thanks again,
Nan D.

Many thanks for the on-time delivery of two great documents. I really appreciate what you have done – I could not have done this on my own.
Please find enclosed the edited versions as requested. The proposed changes are very minor and I have used track changes in MS Word – the changes should be shown in red.
Given the limited changes, I do not believe that I will make any additional changes. Please go ahead and complete the linkedin profile.
I will inquire directly with career-resumes about the recruiter database.
Once again, many thanks for this excellent work.
Best regards.
Jim H.

Hi Tammy,
I love what you did with my resume. Attached are my edits.
I definitely want to move forward with a Linkedin profile, please let me know the next steps for that.
Thank you.
Kim C.

At this time I do not have any edits and/or suggestions.

Wanted to thank you for your work.
I understand that based on agreement I had with career resumes that if for some given time if I will be posting and will not be successful in reaching first round of internviews and upon tracking my progress, I will be able to request a re evaluation of current resume.
Let me know if I get my facts right.
Again thank you
Steve P.

Peter and Jeanie,

Thank you so much for preparing my resume, cover letters, and LinkedIn profile.
I feel like I am in a much better position to pursue my job search in earnest!
That being said, Peter, I’d like to discuss the items below:
When your resume has been finalized, give me a call and I will go over the various services we offer to get your resume in the hands of hiring officials and executive recruiters. We offer targeted email campaigns to recruiters, and/or venture capital firms that specialize in your field and are in a hiring mode. These are excellent tools to get your resume the exposure it needs.
We also have a Recruiter Database with over 37,000+ recruiters and 9,000+ Venture Capital/Private Equity Firms in our database. You can send your resume out to them in your industry, if that is something you or someone you know would be interested in (call or email us to discuss). – http://www.career-resumes.com/resume-email-distribution
Kindest regards,
Tanea F.

You did an excellent job!
I’ve done some minor tweaking and went live with it.
Thanks so much for all your help with this and resume and cover letter.
Jim S.

Thanks for doing this – not only does it look great, it reads wonderfully!
I have a few minor changes and one additional request. Changes are noted in red in the resume.
Thanks again,
Chris V.


Here’s my linked address https://www.linkedin.com/in. If you can find a space to squeeze it in that would work.
Otherwise I think the resume is good to go.
Thank You for your efforts.
Marshall G.



Looks great..

Just some minor edits and suggestions. See notes I added to the document.


Joel M.

Thanks so much Tammy – this looks great.  I’ve attached a Word doc with some of the minor changes that I made.

Elliott W.


My resume (and LinkedIn profile) is finished and it looks great!

I’m very pleased.

Can we talk about next steps in terms of getting my CV into the hands of hiring officials and executive recruiters?

Thanks and have a nice weekend,

Brian C.

Hi Greg,

Nice work. I really like these documents.

I made just one minor edit to the cover letter and a few minor edits to the resume.

I am very happy with these documents.

Thanks for the good work!


Jeb B.


 This looks amazing! I can not thank you enough for all the hard work you have already put in.

I looked it over and found a few small edits I would like to suggest. I used the track changes method on MS Word.

I originally planned on just having the resume made, but am now back in the Florida Keys and do not have access to internet (except through my phone).

I would like to extend my order for having my LinkedIn account match the final resume. Is there any information needed from me in order to make this happen?

Thank you so much for all your help!

Laura B.

A grateful thank you to CareerResumes.com for their hard work on my resume.

I admit when I need to look at things differently.

My resume was not working.  Peter Newfield and Daniel Dorotik worked with me to make my resume message meaningful, useful, and certainly more successful.

Thank you, fellas, for your patience and hard work. I’ve been getting much better responses thanks to you.

Kit R.


Day one after updating LinkedIn and after doing the resume blast: LinkedIn views up 2000% and Ruth Sklar of RSA in NYC is pitching me to her clients (Viacom & Dreamworks).

Well done, folks!

Chris P.

Hi Peter,

The resume revision went very well –

Jean did a fantastic job – my LinkedIn profile has been updated and I am ready to do the recruiter blast –

I’ve attached the resume and the cover letter – pls let me know if / when we can proceed -thx!

Chris P.

Hi Greg.

Thanks for your work.

I have minor comments I have added to the attached version. Let me know if you need any clarifications.

Javier L.


Thank you very much.

It looks great with a few minor edits.

John F.

Hi Greg,

You really did an excellent job re-writing my resume and cover letter.

I am very happy with your format and content. It provides a lot more clarity and power than my previous resume and cover letter.

Please find attached my edits to the resume and cover letter. Most of the changes are simply to make things a bit more accurate to my situation. However, I am very open to feedback, and please let me know if you think any of my changes water down the message too much.


Best Regards,
Jeb B.

Peter (Greg),

I wanted to let you know that I landed with XXXXXX Group as VP Retail Systems (start on Monday!).  I got a few calls and emails from the CL/resume blast, but did not need to follow-up much.

Thanks a bunch for all of your help.

I hope that there’s not another round of transition stuff any time soon, but you never know.  On that note, in a couple of months, I’ll send you some highlights on the new job so that we can update the resume and the LI profile.  I have pointed a couple of people in your direction, but….

Manny O.

Hi Peter (Jeanie),

I now have a finished resume and cover letters and Jeanie did a great job.

I wanted to check in with you on next steps to get my resume in front of the right audience to find a great position close to home.

Patrick S.

Hi Greg, how are you?

I just had some minor changes and few comments.

I really liked the changes you made and appreciate your efforts.

Please let me know your thoughts and thank you for your help!

Mike M.

Hello, Pierre,

Thank you for taking the time to rewrite my resume.  I am very appreciative of the time you put in when composing it.  It looks very good!

I have attached a copy with replies to your questions and comments.  To answer your question about software, I am proficient in Microsoft Excel.  As that seems to be expected, I am now wondering whether I should include that in my resume.

I responded to your question about the Education Administration in your comment, and I said that is one of my goals.  Currently, I am searching for HR-related jobs in training, development, and recruiting.

Thank you again!

Alex K.

Hi Pierre,

I think my resume looks great!

I am curious, did you run this through an ATS to see how it will pass employer’s general HR criteria?

Also, should my LinkedIn profile differ from my resume?

Thank you,

Erika S.

Hi Peter/Pierre,

Hope you are getting ready for a long weekend!

I believe my resume is complete; thank you for putting Pierre on my project. He was extremely helpful and seems pleasant to work with.

I went back to Anita’s introductory email, and I have a couple of questions:

. Cover letter – Is this something we can discuss?
. Access to database – I recall from my conversation with Anita that my final resume could be posted on your network.  I do not know what that entails.

Thanks, Peter!

Michi K.

Hi Pierre!

Looks awesome!  Thank you !!!!

Ryan S.


Just saw the first draft of my new resume and it looks fantastic.

Am now thinking about work on my LinkedIn profile as well.

Rob S.

Dear Jeanie,

It sounds great for the CV and Linekdin and I have already sent the CV to two potential future job opportunities and both were successful were I had my final interview at the Hilton Tokyo biggest hotel we have in our portfolio with 821 rooms!

Let’s hope it will be successfully, thanks again for all your wonderful work and sorry again for the mad rush.

Best Regards,

Sam P.

Dear Gregory,

Thank you very much for all your hard work.

I have attached a “track changes” copy to get your input on.

Please let me know if any of my suggestions are out of line but, I think they maybe are good supplements to all your good work.

Please let me know and thank you again for all your work.

Take care,
Robert C.

Hi Greg,.

Thank you, the resume and CL look and read beautifully.

I made a few changes and added a few comments in <brackets> for your consideration.


David A.

Greetings Dan and Peter!

Only one more typo, Daniel. Page 3, under HDR. Joint Land Use Study is JLUS vs JLIS. Very minor but relevant.

That said, I am pretty darn happy with the resume.

I have had a few friends locally who help people with resumes and they said this is one of the very best resumes they have seen.

Kudos to you Dan because I know my resume was not easy.

Thank you very, very much.

Peter, I know we discussed cover letters and email broadcasting the resume. I would like to do both.

Warm regards,

Kit R


You do incredible work!

I’ve proofread a number of times and have no edits.

I’m very pleased with what you have created.

Please feel free to move on to finalizing the draft and creating the LinkedIn Profile, Exec Bio, ATS and Text version of the resume.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,

Joe G.

Hi Kathy,

Looks good, I believe we can finalize everything. If I needed a cover letter completed, would I request that with you? Also, do I need to do anything further regarding the resume?

I really appreciate what you’ve done. You’ve captured my experience and verbalized it exceptionally. I’m extremely satisfied.

Thank you,

Marvin S.


My changes are in red.

Overall it looks very good.


Nayeem S.

Hi Greg,

Thanks much for the draft resume and the detailed instructions.

Overall, I’m very pleased with how the highlights and format of the resume turned out.

Thank you very much for your diligence on this.

Madhu V.

Hi Greg:

Thank you so much for the quick turnaround- it is much appreciated!

It looks great! It reads great – I actual have limited access to technology today. Below are a few edits- hopefully sending edits this way is okay.

Shareef A.


You’ve done an amazing job- thank you so much! Please find attached the my comments and highlighted adds/revisions.

I look forward to finalizing :-)

Thank you,

Qaadirah A.

Hi Greg-

I have gotten an excellent response rate when using the resume you created for me.

Just wanted to let you know I’ve been very pleased, and say THANKS!!

Tracie B.


Jean has done a great job on the resume and cover. How do I now get the access to the 500+ companies you mentioned to get my resume out?

I have been completing approx. 50 applications with only 2 responses which were rejections. Any additional support is welcomed. I’m looking in back towards my home town,  going into Pittsburgh and other surrounding areas within 100 miles but staying in PA.

The focus is education administration.

Let me know what you may have to help.

Deb T.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for you great work, I must say I’m impressed with the way you compressed all the useful information in 2 pages CV instead of 5 pages. I’m happy with the result.

I have highlighted (I used the “new comments” option) few small points to be edited, please have a look.

Again, thanks for the great work.

Kind Regards,

Malek B.


The resume and cover letter are good.

I have minor updates or questions. Please see attached.

What is the price for a LinkedIn profile?

I will call you Monday for a brief discussion. Is it ok?

Zen W.


Wow. Looks great.

Thanks for the help.

Ken R.


Just wanted you to know that Jean finalized my resume. The finished product is absolutely amazing. As a next step I would like to also purchase the cover letter before sending out my blast to recruiters we discussed since I am so impressed with the quality of the work. What do I need to do next? Final resume is attached.

Thank you,

Tyrone S.


Looks great. What are next steps to get LinkedIn Profile updated?

Travis A.


My thanks for the quick turnaround. These are definitely much improved over my attempts.

I have made a couple edits using track changes as stated in your instructions. A couple were to competencies. I kept number and length the same but swapped out what I thought were higher priority.

Please let me know if you have questions. I reviewed for both grammer and formatting. No edits there.

Please let me know if you have any other questions related to what I’ve changed.

When edits are complete, and assuming no other changes, I would like a copy in both word and .rtf as both seem to be common in hiring engines.


Travis A.


I like the letters, thank you.  I will also reach out to Peter Newfield regarding the resume blast to search firms.

Rita  H-F

Hi Pierre,

This is great! Thank you very much for all the thoroughness and insight. Much appreciated!

All the best,

Anthony F.

Hi Greg,

I have made a couple of modifications highlighted in yellow including adding a close parenthesis to the following statement. Otherwise, I think the resume looks very good.

* (only 3 months, sold, design, and implemented solutions for state, local & education (SLED) government agencies).

Let me know what you think about my suggested modifications. If good, lets move to final version.

Thanks again & thanks for the below grammar lesson. Learn something new every day.


Jack B.

Hi Pierre,

Thank you very much. The content and format are great! I appreciate your thorough analysis and work that you put in to the development of my resume.

I included comments/edits in the attached. Just a general question, in your experience, do you think the terms in the resume, given the information I provided is too specific? Or do you think it is general enough to use my experiences in other types of positions, particularly in the HR field?

Best Regards,

Anthony F.

Hi Greg.

Thank you for the excellent work.

I only saw a couple of small changes – one wrong date and one suggestion for your feedback.

The cover letter looks awesome with no changes that I can find.

Thank you again for your help. I look forward to seeing the final and updating my linked in profile when it is ready.

Brian S

Hi Dan,

I attended 4 interviews ( 3 using your resume ) and got an offer from a reputed firm.

Wherever I attended the feedback was the resume looked very good. Thanks for producing such a quality resume.

I am forwarding your details to my friend who is in Big Data area. He may contact you.


Ramesh N.


Thank you for all your assistance on my resume. Dan Dorotik has done a great job. We are still working on the Linkedin version and a cover letter. Please accept my invitation to connect via Linkedin.

John P


I am pleased with the rework. I’ve marked up a few very minor edits.

Bryan B.

Hi Peter,

Just received my resume and cover letter from Greg. Truly impressive work. He did an incredible job at organizing my career and structuring the document very professionally. I am very happy so far. Based upon this, I would like to take you up on your help with my linked in profile.

How should we proceed with this?

Thank you again,
Ron P.


This looks great to me.

Does Peter review and finalize or are we done?

Also, I am interested in have my Linkedin profile update with this new information.

Please advise.


Michael B.

Hi Greg,

It looks great. I just had a couple minor changes.

All the best,

Kris S.


At first glance, it looks wonderful! (Worth the wait.) I will review it in detail very shortly & let you know if I have any comments or suggestions.
Thank you very much.

Larry S.

“If you look at the samples, you will love what “papa’s” staff can do for you. They would love to have your business.”

Papa's Girl

Hi Greg-

This looks great overall, I captured my changes with “track changes” and inserted a few comments to provide clarification. Please let me know your ETA for turnaround of the next version.

Tracie B.


What a terrific job. I am impressed. I have some questions which I have written within the resume. Please use your judgment because in most cases I was not sure, I just wrote my thoughts. Also, when this is complete I would like to speak to you further about writing a cover letter and updates.

Thanks again for expediting this for me.


Thank you very much.

This is what I was looking for.

I have some additions which I will make that should be relatively minor.

Overall I am really happy with your work and appreciate all you have done with my resume.

Chad S.


You definitely made the resume a hell of a lot more presentable than I ever could’ve hoped to,

Thank you!

I’ll probably just make a few minor changes, but I shouldn’t have an issue taking care of that.

For future purposes, how much would it cost to have you add additional work experience?

Thank you again for all the time and effort you’ve put in to my resume!

Matthew B-F

Hello Greg,

Thank you for your marvelous work.

As I review the draft of the resume and the cover letter, I think (based on job requirements I have noticed in listings) that perhaps there should be some reference to my 5+ years of experience as a finance manager/director. These positions pre-date my experience outlined on my resume.

Would noting it in the cover letter be a thought?

These questions aside, I believe resume and cover letter are terrific. I am looking forward to proceeding.


Kevin M.


I got an amazing offer from Salesforce today!!

I don’t know a lot of people looking for a job, but as they come along, I will send them to you. Karan had called me for some help and I pointed him to you.

Have a great weekend!

Bob M.


If I know of anyone looking I will send them your way.

You guys did a great job with my resume.

Christopher L.

Morning Dan

All good points, and taken into consideration.

Thanks for the small revisions!!! Just wanted to say thank you for doing a wonderful job and doing your best to get it to me before the deadline!!!

Thank you!

Mirela J.

Jeanie and Peter,

I love how it looks!.

I don’t know if 3 pages is a lot, what are your thoughts?

Is the Linkedin profile included on this?

Are there still letters attached to the Resume that are sent?

Good job!,

Ricardo G.

Hi Mr. Newfield,

Thank you so much for connecting me with Jeanie and for the quick turnaround time that she provided on the resume.

It is absolutely fantastic and she was able to make edits as quickly as I needed them.

I cannot thank you enough for all of your help, and I’ve got an interview Friday so fingers crossed!


Stephanie D.

Hi Peter,

Jeanie Oscarson did a great job updating my resume. I will send you a copy by e-mail.

Would like to add you to my LinkedIn Profile.

Terry H.

Hi Greg,

Thanks for your efforts on this, I appreciate it.

I have made a few small tweaks, but also some comments/questions for you.

All of them are within Track Changes, so please take a look and let me know what you think.


Eric R.

Hi Peter,

Can we also add in the LinkedIn profile service?

Pierre is doing a fantastic job!

Shawnee M.

Thank you Peter.

Your resume help set me apart from the crowd.

Let’s keep in touch

Jim S.

Hi Jeannie,

Absolute brilliant job! I really like how you “pimped” my resume :)

I’ll send you some comments byTuesday evening.

Have a nice weekend!

Chris M.

Peter (Jeanie),

Very pleased with results, Brandt thanks for the recommendation.

Thanks and have a great weekend.

Yancy C.

Hi Greg

Thank you for the work well done.

You have written an excellent document.

PS. Looking for the the LinkedIn profile text too.

Sampo S.


Resume looks great!

Thanks for everything!

Kim P.

Hi Greg, great work.

I see you balanced things in a different way I would have.

It certainly has a more targeted approach.

I added a few small suggested changes (please see attached):

Ragmar E.

Thank you Peter (Jeanie).

The resume you guys prepared for me was a critical component.

Hope all is well with you.

Craig B.

Hi Pierre,

This email is long overdue and I truly apologize for that.

I want to sincerely thank you for helping me with my CV, Cover Letter, and LinkedIn.

Your guidance, patience, and expertise is invaluable and I cannot truly express how grateful I am.

Thank you for your unparalleled support!

With deep appreciation,

Gloria K.

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