3 Formatting Considerations For Digital Resumes and Online Applications

by Guest Author, Frankie Wallace

Let’s face it: the world of work has changed significantly with the ascendancy of digital
technology. Not only are an increasing number of people working remotely some, if not all, of the time, but, now more than ever, most job hunts occur primarily online.

That means that if you’re using the same materials for an online job search that you use for a traditional application, you are likely missing out on a powerful opportunity to showcase your talents and secure the position. This article describes the three most important formatting considerations you should know before submitting your next digital resume or online application.

1. Be Mindful of Formatting

Your standard resume may have been typed using traditional word processing software.
However, it’s critical that the software you use to upload your digital resume is one that will
retain the intended formatting, regardless of what kind of device your reader uses to download and view the document, or what kind of software they use to open and read the document.

Adobe Acrobat software, for instance, will retain the document’s original formatting and can be accessed using either Mac or PC. In addition, Adobe tools can be used to convert Word documents to PDF. They can also be used for converting documents created on a Mac device to PDF files that can be viewed, formatting intact, by PC and Android mobile device users.

2. Structure and Organization

Readability isn’t just about the software you use to create and send your documents. If you want to make a great impression on your recruiter, then your formatting needs to be clean, clear, and precise.

Use short sentences and paragraphs and present critical information in bullet point form. This will ensure that you are leaving a lot of white space on the page to make the reading easier and more efficient. This will also help you call attention to standout accomplishments that you want your reader to notice first.

At the same time, of course, you will want to be careful not to deluge the document with bulleted lists or irrelevant or outdated information. Use the limited time you have to capture the recruiter’s interests to underscore the unique and timely skills that the company needs now.

3. Take Advantage of Online Portfolios

One of the greatest advantages of an online application is that you can enhance necessarily brief digital resumes with supplemental materials that truly highlight your abilities. Creating and maintaining an up-to-date professional portfolio online and then embedding live links to your portfolio on each page of your digital resume can be a great way for your recruiter to learn more about you.

Digital resumes, as a general rule, serve as a sort of preliminary introduction. Thus, they should rarely exceed two pages in length. However, by embedding portfolio links on both pages, interested recruiters can access far more in-depth information about all you have to offer.Applicants can use the portfolio to showcase their work, from their creative designs to their professional projects.

Best of all, the online portfolio can be a terrific resource for ensuring a stellar interview. The portfolio, after all, provides relevant talking points you can use to underscore your particular strengths.

The Takeaway

The ascendancy of the internet has not only changed the way we work, but also the way we
land the job of our dreams. However, to create online applications and digital resumes that get results, it’s critical to be informed, strategic, and conscientious in regard to formatting.


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