Using Technology in Job Searches

Are you using all the technology in your job searches?

As businesses continue to source individuals from around the globe, recruiters require a variety of tools to find the right person for the job. From social media to search engines, job seekers and hiring companies have new ways to connect and list skills required for a role. Additionally, recruiters can use technology to narrow down a large amount of applicants. Here we will highlight some of the tools recruiters and job seekers alike can use to aid in their work.

Social Media Technology in Job Searches 

As people turn to searching for open positions on social media, businesses are sourcing information about candidates from these sites as well. The leading social sites for both companies and job seekers is LinkedIn.

A profile on the site should include a candidate’s skills or keywords that businesses require for a position. Friends or network connections can help open up opportunities or provide connections to aid in getting a job. Meanwhile, individuals can view LinkedIn as a place to record their positions and skills in order for recruiters to find them. 

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Facebook is another job resource for individuals. Although not all companies post their job openings on the site, others are using it as a bulletin board to announce openings or available positions. It’s also a way to screen job applicants for a business; recruiters can find out about a person’s personal likes and dislikes. Either way, companies can use social sites for finding people to fill a position.

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Search Engines 

Aside from social media, search engines are another useful technology for recruiters and job candidates. Google, Indeed, and other search sites are becoming one of the first places where job seekers start their employment journey. These sites are also a resource for recruiters as well.

Recruiters can check a person’s online profile. Individuals will need to be mindful of online content that includes any mention of their personal or professional life. Any content that could be damaging should be removed if possible. 

One way to improve a personal digital footprint is to contribute to industry blogs or other digital publications. By showcasing these skills, individuals express their interest and knowledge about the business sector or industry they are applying for jobs in. Aside from writing for other websites, candidates can create their own website to list their achievements and highlight their career skills.

Interviewing and Onboarding Job Seekers

Once a candidate is found, businesses are turning to technology resources to sort through qualified individuals. From tracking an individual’s hiring progress to performing pre-screening interviews, there are numerous technology tools for hiring teams to use in order to process large pools of job candidates.

When companies are open to remote workers, or if a candidate is unable to visit the business in a timely manner, recruiters can use video interviews. Like a video conference with a client, video interviewing allows recruiters to speak with candidates “face-to-face” rather than over the phone. These types of interviews can reduce the strain of bringing together large amounts of people to partake in an interview, instead recruiters and employees to call into one place to speak with a job seeker.

Hiring teams can track the progress of an individual using applicant tracking technology. These systems can aid recruiters by showing them where applicants are in the hiring life-cycle. It acts as a collection spot for individual information as well. Any notes or information about candidates can be stored here for easy access.

Technology is assisting job candidates and recruiters in today’s job market. Social media and search engines bring together people looking for a job and businesses in need of individuals. Once a person has been found, recruiters can use additional technology tools to filter the qualified individuals. Overall, technology aims to help people find the right position at a company.

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