How to Write an Email Asking For a Job Opportunity

Are you waiting for the right job opportunity or are you creating one?

Many job seekers have a few favorite companies they would like to work for. They are always checking to see if there are any openings. 

Instead of waiting for a job opportunity to open up, you can send a formal email asking for a job vacancy in their company. You know you’d be a great fit. You can also send a perfect resume and write a compelling cover letter for their future reference. 

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Here are a few tips on how to write an email asking for a job opportunity with examples to get your started. 

Here we go!

Hello employer@job-postings-company-1,

Please review my resume and cover letter. It will tell you about me and how I am well-suited for this job. 

Do you see some problems here?

Let’s jot down the points:

  1. Informal Approach
  2. Too direct
  3. Lacks professionalism
  4. Lack of formality and details

What are the main points that need to be taken care of while writing an email for a job opportunity?

Your Email Should Be Formal

Whenever you contact a company, be it on the phone or with a letter or an email, it should be formal. When we say formal, it basically means portraying professionalism. Communication skills are valued at all levels of an organization. So it is extremely important to be careful about what you say and how you say it. In a way, you are what you write. Since it is the first test towards getting a job, you need to ensure that you begin in an appropriate way.

Use Business Formal Language

The tone of your email should be formal. Avoid adopting a casual tone and sounding too familiar with the recipient. 

Give Specifics

You are applying for a specific job. In your mind, you are clear about which job position you are applying for. But the HR recruiter may be posting a number of different positions at once.  They will most likely receive a large number of application emails to sort through. Your role here is to do your best so that you stand out among the competition. Be clear, state the purpose of your email and get to the point so that it grabs their attention. Mention the job’s title or the reference number that you saw in the advertising posting.

If the company you wish to work for does not have any current openings you should still send the email. Putting your name and your interest out there is a great first step. You never know, they might still consider you or create a job opportunity for you if they are impressed by your correspondence.

Now, keeping the above points in mind, check out the sample of the type of email that is appropriate for job applications. Take note of the style and language. 

Sample Email Asking For a Job Opportunity 

Subject: Application for Job Vacancy

Dear Employer,

I am writing this email to inquire if you have, or are likely to have, any job opportunities in {Company Name}.

I am really interested in working for your company because: (list specific reasons.) I would be prepared to commit to any training that might be required. 

Please take a moment and go through my resume and the attached documents. 

It would be my sincere pleasure to hear from you soon. 

Thanks and Regards,

[insert your name]

[Provide your contact information]

Note: You can include your cover letter in the body of the email rather than attaching it to make it easier on the recipient. This also ensures that they will see it since they have already opened your email. Check out Winning Cover Letters.

Following Up

Don’t just wait for an answer. Follow up with a phone call after a few days, if you haven’t heard back. Request a meeting to learn more about the company. Use this face-to-face meeting to really shine and show the person why you would be a great fit. You can talk about the company culture and why it appeals to you. Give specific examples of how you can contribute to the success of the company.

Happy Career Hunting! We are here for you!

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