Are You Using LinkedIn to its Full Potential?

LinkedIn can be the best tool you use

LinkedIn is quite possibly the best social networking tool for executives – it enables you to simultaneously:

  • promote your personal brand
  • develop new networks
  • re-connect with old network resources
  • sell services
  • locate new work, including contracts and jobs

But much like the three-martini lunch, when used incorrectly LinkedIn can be a dangerous implement.

Common Mistakes When Using LinkedIn

Here are some key misuses or mistakes that can negatively affect the performance of your LinkedIn profile:

  • Incomplete Information
  • Poor Headlines
  • No Recommendations
  • An Unprofessional Photo
  • No (or few) Connections

Please check out our article, Top Mistakes Executives Make With LinkedIn, authored by one of the Senior Writers at, for an in depth look at all the above listed ways you can improve your use of LinkedIn.

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