How Emerging Technologies Can Improve The Hiring And Retention Process

by Jessica Fender, guest writer

Check out the latest on technology and the hiring process. 

The rapid development of the IT industry has influenced all spheres of modern business and provided great opportunities for productivity growth. Emerging technologies allow companies to optimize the hiring and retention processes.

Today, organizations can stop wasting time and money on repetitive tasks, which smart machines can complete automatically. Let’s check the areas of human resource management in which new technologies make a significant impact.  

Search for Ideal Candidates

Artificial Intelligence (AI) can analyze thousands of resumes and find the ones that perfectly match a specific job description. It can browse the job boards, LinkedIn profiles, portfolio websites, and other online resources. Obviously, humans can’t efficiently handle the processing of such huge databases without the help of machines.

Modern recruiters can stop spending their time on numerous CVs reviewing, because technology can perform this task in quicker and more effectively.

AI takes recruiting to the new level. After incorporation of the advanced software, the company will need just a few days, not weeks, to find and hire the best specialist in the field.

The point is that all business processes are interconnected. When technologies improve the hiring process, it also facilitates the employees’ retention. As a result, the overall productivity of the company goes up.

Candidate Rediscovery

Emerging technologies provide an HR department with a great opportunity to complete a screening and find a perfect fit between the open roles and resumes of the current employees. Internal recruiting is beneficial for the companies, because it saves time and money, and it works even more effectively with AI.

Instead of hunting for the candidates on the internet, HR managers can look for the talents inside of the company. Current employees are gaining experience, getting new degrees and developing extra skills day by day. AI software, unlike humans, is able to identify these changes and find the greatest rising talents.

Enhanced Communication

In fact, AI can not only find an ideal candidate but also start a communication. It can automatically send an email, suggesting that the recipient apply for the job described. To complete this action, AI uses contact information mentioned in the resume.

It means that a company can make the first contact with a potential employee without the help of humans. Jessica Wilson, talent development manager for Online Writers Rating, states, “Machines cannot substitute the workers of the HR department completely, but they can perform this very task on their own. So, employees can focus on other more important objectives.”

This is not to say that candidates should stop seeking new job opportunities as well. Even though some job openings might land in their inbox, job seekers still need to be pursuing the positions they most want to have with the specific companies they are interested in. In the meantime, something else might come along that peaks their interest.

Personalized Approach

Modern companies are struggling to hire the best specialists in the field because the demand for exceptional talent is extremely high. In order to convince the professionals to accept an offer, a recruiter should apply a personalized approach. “Candidates who know their value expect to talk to the HR manager directly and discuss the exclusive individual rewards,” explains Anton Smith, HR adviser for

Advanced software helps to analyze the preferences of the prospective candidates and to craft an irresistible offer. AI can scan every source of information available online, including private social media accounts. It can also define the salary and benefits which an individual had at previous jobs.

In this way, AI can research the lifestyle, habits, and values, that influence a decision to accept an offer. The software provides a recruiter with enough information to design a set of unique rewards for the most desirable candidates. For instance, HR can offer more flexibility to a jet setter, or pet insurance for a dog owner.

Chatbots Application

Chatbots is another great AI tool, which significantly improves the hiring process. Applicants can clarify information about the job description, potential responsibilities, working schedule, and bonus system. They don’t need to wait until recruiter will talk to them on the phone or write an email back – they can ask a chatbot and get an answer immediately.

Moreover, chatbots help companies to facilitate the pre-interview screening. They automatically collect detailed information about the applicants: their past experience, working history, educational background, and personal interests.

Due to natural language processing, modern chatbots can make the candidates feel like they are talking to a human, not a machine. 

In Conclusion

There is no limit for perfection, so the world of technologies will never stop developing. HR specialists should watch the latest industry trends and follow them.

The advanced software and AI tools have already started improving the hiring and retention processes, and even more changes will take place in the near future. Make sure that your company keep up with emerging technologies and enjoy all the benefits they bring.

Happy Hunting! We are here for you!

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