3 GOOD Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

Turn Down a Job Offer

Sometimes you need to turn down a job offer. It happens. It’s usually not an easy decision, but many things need to be considered when making this decision. This article explores 3 good reasons to turn down a job offer. They aren’t about salary, location, or title – so what are they? #1. You aren’t…

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Is a Promotion on Your New Year’s Resolution List?


Will 2020 be your year for a promotion? You’ve been working hard, hitting your deadlines, and accomplishing your goals. This year is your year for a promotion. We hope the following tips will help you be strategic in asking for your promotion. If you have additional tips or things that have worked for you, please…

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The Value of Having a Business Mentor

business mentor

The optimal time for a business mentor is when you are just starting your career or switching jobs or industries. This is not to say you wouldn’t benefit at other times–but this is when you might need a mentor the most. What exactly is a business mentor? The very knowledgeable people over at BusinessMentors.Org define…

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What is the most important thing about a first job?

first job

Are you looking for your first job? Congratulations on entering the working world for the first time as a career person. Maybe you have had part time jobs or internships, but this is your first “real” job. What are you looking for? A lot of people would say, “Money!” Related: Job Search Tips for 2018…

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When You Should Turn Down a Job Offer

job offer

Is this Job Offer the Right One? All the hard job searching and interviewing work paid off and you received  job offer. How do you know if it’s a good offer? Or even the one you have been waiting for? Trust Your Gut with any Job Offer If you aren’t jumping up and down and…

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What is an Offer Letter? Offer Letters Defined by Paul Gumbinner

What is an offer letter?  Should you leave (resign from) your current job once you get an offer letter? What promises are made? Check out this post by Paul Gumbinner: What Offer Letters Are and Are Not (he posted this on his own blog here). It’s exciting to get a job offer, however if you…

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2011 Career Predictions: What It Means For Us

I wrote about my career predictions yesterday… here’s what it means for us, individually: >> The economy is going to continue to be in the toilet, despite any reports otherwise.  There will be too many job seekers, too many laid off people, and way too much age discrimination. In 2010 we heard the ratio was…

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Where have all the secure jobs gone?

My dad was a career federal employee.  He had a good career and has a pension. I remember when I commuted to his office with him and his peers, sometimes they would talk about money.  They would say something like “you won’t get rich but as long as you manage your money well you’ll always…

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Advice for the job seeking college student

I just got an email from someone who is in an enviable (because they have so much to look forward to) and unenviable (the job market stinks right now) position… here’s what they ask: I am a second year MBA student getting ready to graduate and am looking for a job. Please let me know…

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