9 in 10 jobseekers faced with this difficult decision

by Guest Author, Eliza Bavin If you’re looking for a new job and have suddenly been inundated with job offers you are not alone. New research from Robert Half found 86 per cent of Aussie office workers had received multiple job offers when looking for a new role. Unsurprisingly, salary was the deciding factor when choosing between roles, with…

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8 Effective Tips to Secure the Highest Possible Salary

by Guest Author, Laura Gesualdi-Gilmore The pandemic, and the Great Resignation that came with it, may have put a lot of people in the market for new jobs. In 2021, an average of more than 3.98 million workers quit their job each month. This marks the highest rate of workers willingly leaving jobs since the…

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Avoiding a bad boss – and joining the right team

by Guest Author, Rachel Loock When interviewing for a new job, remember that you’re assessing the company and the team you’ll be working with as much as they’re interviewing you. Start by researching the company and key players through their website, LinkedIn, online news articles and databases. But while online sources can be helpful, the…

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Ask for what you want in a new job

by Guest Author, Rellie Derfler-Rozin Are you looking through the details of a new job offer or planning to ask for a raise with your current employer? The labor shortage and need for good employees means you still have some leverage. And with inflation the highest it’s been in decades, you shouldn’t pass up the…

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3 GOOD Reasons to Turn Down a Job Offer

Turn Down a Job Offer

Sometimes you need to turn down a job offer. It happens. It’s usually not an easy decision, but many things need to be considered when making this decision. This article explores 3 good reasons to turn down a job offer. They aren’t about salary, location, or title – so what are they? #1. You aren’t…

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Is a Promotion on Your New Year’s Resolution List?


Will 2020 be your year for a promotion? You’ve been working hard, hitting your deadlines, and accomplishing your goals. This year is your year for a promotion. We hope the following tips will help you be strategic in asking for your promotion. If you have additional tips or things that have worked for you, please…

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The Value of Having a Business Mentor

business mentor

The optimal time for a business mentor is when you are just starting your career or switching jobs or industries. This is not to say you wouldn’t benefit at other times–but this is when you might need a mentor the most. What exactly is a business mentor? The very knowledgeable people over at BusinessMentors.Org define…

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What is the most important thing about a first job?

first job

Are you looking for your first job? Congratulations on entering the working world for the first time as a career person. Maybe you have had part time jobs or internships, but this is your first “real” job. What are you looking for? A lot of people would say, “Money!” Related: Job Search Tips for 2018…

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