Fired From a Job? Turn the Experience into a Positive On Your Resume

It is estimated that in 2016, 54,549 individuals in the U.S. were either laid off or fired each day. While the exact number of people who were fired isn’t known, this figure shows the high number [...]

Killer Personal Branding Story: Jacob Share

Jacob Share is a friend of mine who runs JobMob.  I had never heard the story that he blogged about yesterday titled The Best Personal Branding Story You Haven’t Heard, where he talks about [...]

Are your emails even being read?

I’m a nut for communication.  The 2012 JibberJobber theme was all about communication. Check out this post from Recruitment Dad titled How to Write Emails That Sell – In 5 Easy Steps I [...]

Creating Evangelists in your Job Search

I’m big on helping job seekers find others who will talk about them.  I call those people “evangelists.”  People need to understand who you are, become passionate (or at least [...]

What to Organize in your Job Search

You might know I designed as a tool to manage and organize your job search. What does that mean?  What do you organize in a job search? There are three main things I was keeping [...]