Is a Promotion on Your New Year’s Resolution List?

Will 2020 be your year for a promotion?

You’ve been working hard, hitting your deadlines, and accomplishing your goals. This year is your year for a promotion. We hope the following tips will help you be strategic in asking for your promotion.

If you have additional tips or things that have worked for you, please share them in the comments. Our readers will benefit from your experience.

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Tips to Help You Get That Promotion

#1. You’ve Got This!

You know you deserve this promotion so believe you will get it. If you believe in yourself so do those around you. This includes your boss and the decisions makers for your advancement.


#2. Stay Positive

If you stay positive you will stay productive and encourage those around you to be positive too. This is just one way we can lead by example. People remember the way you make them feel long after they remember anything else about you. As long as you respect everyone at work you (and your work) will be respected too.


 #3. Offer Solutions Instead of Complaining

Solving problems and offering solutions is much better than simply complaining about the way things are. And honestly, nobody likes a whiner. Be the one the figures out the solution that helps the most people. That is promotion material!


#4. Encourage Others To Help

As you look for solutions and ways to affect change, ask your colleagues what they think. Make it a team effort. If people are involved and able to share their thoughts they are much more committed to the outcome. Teamwork is a great way to boost morale too.


#5. Anticipate What the Boss Needs

Not in a creepy, stalker way, but a professional way. It also doesn’t mean being a suck-up. Nobody likes those either. Instead, it means anticipating needs and getting things done without having to be asked. You know, like mom always wanted you to do.


#6 Ask for Feedback

It can be scary to specifically ask about your performance. However, it really shows that you care about how you are doing and are looking for ways to improve. The best employees are the ones who are teachable. It also shows your boss that you are invested in your career.


#7 Stay Calm and Carry On

Resolve yourself to be the calm one in any crisis or when things get really busy and hectic. Reassure your colleagues that they got this and everyone will get through it together. How you handle the tough times is a good indication of how you will handle yourself all the time. Also, while you are waiting to hear about your promotion, carry on as you always would. You may be dying to know inside, but on the outside the world knows you got this!


Good luck on your promotion and we hope these tips help. If you follow them your promotion might come sooner than you think.

Happy Career Advancement! We are here for you!

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