Do Recession Proof Jobs Exist?

Yes, recession proof jobs do exist. Some, like law enforcement, are considered to be recession resistant since resources are reliant on government funding, but unfortunately crime will always [...]

Money Isn’t Everything – Things You Can Negotiate Besides Salary

How well do you know how to negotiate? It’s good to keep in mind when you’re in the negotiation phase of joining a company, that money isn’t everything and that there are many negotiables besides [...]

Awesome Blog Post on Salary Negotiation (Pete Leibman, Drew Brees)

Pete Leibman is a career nerd who has a passion for sports.  He just wrote a post titled What Drew Brees Can Teach You About Salary Negotiation. I’m sure no one would pay me even $10 to [...]

How Will Obamacare’s Ruling Affect the Career Space?

It’s been interesting to see the reactions to the Supreme Court ruling that Obamacare is constitutional, which means it can move forward.  Lot’s of speculation and opinion flying [...]

The List: What Do I Want/Need Out Of My Next Job?

I remember counseling someone during a transition a few years ago.  He was interested in only one thing: salary. I was in a “bad relationship” with my employer.  Not bad enough to [...]

How Picky Can You Be As A Job Seeker?

Samantha Lacey, a recruiter, writes Do candidates expect too much? She talks about one job seeker (aka, candidate) who just about had a job until he declined the type of BMW the company was going [...]

What HR Thinks About Job Interviews (Readers Digest Version)

This is the third, and final of the Readers Digest thoughts.  This time it’s on their post What HR People Won’t Tell You About The Job Interview. Here are some of their snippets (read [...]

What HR Thinks About Salaries and Raises (Readers Digest Version)

Another Readers Digest article applicable to job seekers, this time about money.  What HR People Won’t Tell You About Salaries and Raises brings up some good points – definitely make [...]

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