Fresh Ideas of What to Post on LinkedIn for your job search

If you are using LinkedIn daily in your job search (as you should be) you may be running out of ideas and asking yourself, “Hmmmm, what to post to LinkedIn today?”

As an active job seeker, LinkedIn can be used for so much more than just searching job postings and looking up companies. In order to really put yourself out there it is important that you are an active (daily) user. The best way to position yourself for a new career is to provide thoughtful information, comment on posts, and share relevant posts.

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What to Post on LinkedIn

Here is a list of ideas of what to post on LinkedIn. Don’t forget, the more knowledgeable you are about your industry and the more current you are on trends and emerging technology and philosophies, the better expert you’ll be in your field. You will become a sought after industry expert and desired hire.

Quick Reminder: LinkedIn is a professional network and is not used in the same way as Facebook and Instagram. People who use LinkedIn want to see professional and business related information. You will not find videos of cats and pics of what your friends ate for dinner last night. It is important to respect the nature of the platform and only post relevant, professional information.

  • Share a Video. Create your own video and post it. If you don’t want to create your own video, share someone else’s and include a thought provoking comment.
  • Event Photos. If you participated in an event (even an online event), post it and tag people or companies. Include the event’s hashtag if they have one.
  • Photos of your New Job. When you get a new job be sure to announce it on LinkedIn and share some photos.
  • Photos of Volunteer work. If you volunteer or do charity work, be sure to post pics of things you do and events you participate in. If the organization publishes articles, be sure to share them and comment on them.
  • Add Documents. If you have received a certificate of achievement, scan it and add it as a document. Being able to see it adds to the authenticity of this achievement.
  • Infographics. These are a great way to visually represent data and information.  An infographic is way more eye catching that a list of facts and figures.
  • Mention other people. Giving praise and thanks to others people is a great way to uplift others while also staying visible yourself. There are 10 different types of kudos you can give someone. Got to the person’s profile and click on the “more” button and you’ll find the options to select kudos.
  • Share Someone’s Work. When you see a colleague or someone else you know sharing great content, reshare their work. Also, if they are mentioned in the news or post an article they’ve written, reshare it. Don’t forget to tag them!
  • Ask A Question. Posing an industry relevant question is a great way to start a conversation and nurture engagement. You never know who might chime in with valuable insight and you can make a new connection.
  • Invite People To An Event. If you are hosting an event or simple attending one, invite other people and help spread the word.
  • Share Your Reading List. Share a list of some of your favorite books. Ask what other people are reading. Even better is a recommended reading list by industry or occupation!
  • Quotes. Post your favorite inspiration and motivational quotes.

We hope this list has given you a few ideas so you can keep contributing to your industry and cultivating your status as a thought leader or industry expert. Which idea did you like the best?

Good luck. We are here for you!

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