How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture

What does your LinkedIn profile picture say about you?

If you don’t have one, you need to post one very soon. Profiles with profile pictures can get up to 21 times more views than profiles without them, according to LinkedIn.

Here are some tips on maximizing your potential on LinkedIn with a good image. Just like your resume, you want your LinkedIn profile to work FOR you – not AGAINST you.

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How does your LinkedIn Profile Picture Measure Up?

Your profile picture is the first thing people notice about you on LinkedIn. It’s important. Recruiters and hiring managers will judge you by it. We are all human and we can’t help it. The good news is that it is not hard to create a great Linkedin profile picture without hiring a professional photographer (although that would be great too!)

“Smile big in your profile picture. It may sound cheesy, but you want to look as friendly, approachable and as positive as possible. Action shots are also great. Just don’t use a picture where it’s obvious you cropped yourself out of a group photo.” Jessie Metzler, Linkedin Guru and owner of All Social Jessie.

linkedin profile picture Jessie Metzler

Things to avoid when selecting a LinkedIn profile picture:

? No smile or too serious

? Cropped image from a group photo

? Unprofessional background

? Clothes that are too casual

? Wrong sized image, stretched or tiny

? Blurry

? A screen grab

? You are too far way in the picture

? The picture doesn’t show your face

? Don’t use a logo or other image that isn’t you

Your business or personal brand is important to consider in everything you do. If you are a more casual and laid back then certainly allow that to show through. There is a difference between professional casual and what you wear on the weekend to wash your car. You get the idea.

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Things to include in your LinkedIn profile picture:

✔️Big, friendly smile

✔️ Professional clothes

✔️ Appropriate background

✔️ Head shot or action shot


The Wrap Up

Are you ready to smile big and put your best face forward for your LinkedIn profile? Say cheese!

The next step is to make sure your entire profile is filled out and matches your resume for your job search. We can help!

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