Using LinkedIn in 2020 for Your Job Search

LinkedIn is a great platform to help you find jobs, so why not take a fresh look at your job search using LinkedIn in 2020? 

First impressions are important, so start with keeping your LinkedIn profile accurate and up to date. A clean and professional profile picture is the perfect start. The photo should be recent to best represent your current appearance, and make sure you get your best side!

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Does your linkedin profile need a makeover


Qualifications for LinkedIn in 2020

Employers will focus on your qualifications for a job, so your LinkedIn profile needs to include your skills and experiences. Update your profile to show your latest jobs, experiences, and what you are doing now in 2020. This is the most important part of your LinkedIn profile, so be sure to make it detailed and thorough! 

Now that your LinkedIn profile is ready for the jobs of 2020, it is important to know what steps you can take to use LinkedIn more effectively.

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Company Profiles for LinkedIn in 2020

One major way in which you can improve your LinkedIn job search is by checking out company profiles. Company profiles on LinkedIn give you great insight into the workplace, people, and future jobs they have to offer in 2020. From a company’s LinkedIn profile, you can gain a wealth of knowledge that will give you a leg up in interviews for 2020. 

Connections are a big deal in LinkedIn in 2020

Perhaps the most useful tool in LinkedIn is your connections. The more connections you have, the easier it will be for you to get into your dream company. This could also help you to gain referrals when you apply for your dream job! As the new year begins, make an effort to expand your connections and create a useful collection of friends and colleagues. 

The new year always offers fresh starts and new opportunities. Get ahead of the game by using your LinkedIn profile to open new doors for you in 2020! 

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