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Reacting to a Changing World

Covid-19 is changing the shape of hiring and employment so a key part of your job hunting plan needs to be figuring out how to respond to swiftly changing circumstances.  The best way to do that is to keep up with hiring trends. LinkedIn has started a new feature on their blog to help you plan for future employment.

How to Use Hiring Trends to Shape Your Job Strategy

LinkedIn is providing monthly updates on what jobs are trending and what jobs are on the increase.  Use that data to analyze your own skillset and see where you have matches, and then you can adjust your LinkedIn profile and featured section to match, as well as updating your resume to make sure it also fits the latest trends in the economy.

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What’s Trending So Far?

Healthcare, retail, and logistics are all on the rise with a clear correlation between the Covid-19 epidemic and those particular career paths. Less obvious trends are increases in those jobs that can be done remotely, such as accounting and coding. Translation and marketing strategy are growth markets right now as well as a number of other categories. The LinkedIn blog also features other useful information and posts to help you successfully land a job and use the LinkedIn platform.

The economy won’t just shut down. It will be shifting. A successful job candidate will shift with it. This means updating resumes, profiles, and possibly your skill sets. When times are stressful it’s tempting to shut down, but by building in a flexible outlook and making a plan you can adjust to the shifting economy and make your job search a success.

Check out the LinkedIn Blog here.

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