How to Use LinkedIn Videos in Your Job Search

Have you tried LinkedIn Videos for your job search?

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for professionals who are looking for career advancement. It is also the place businesses go when they are hiring. People often misunderstand the advantages LinkedIn can have over other social media platforms.

For one, LinkedIn concentrates on Business to Business communication (B2B). Or Professional to Professional. If LinkedIn were a bar the style would be upscale, table clothes, low lighting, high shelf selections, and really nicely dressed people talking quietly. Facebook is a frat house after a hazing party. But let’s not go there–it has its own purposes.

Are you taking full advantage of everything that LinkedIn has to offer? If you are currently networking to advance your career, this is the bar–or–platform for you. Cheers!

Have you tried using LinkedIn Videos Yet?

First of all, let’s address why you want to do this. The biggest reason is that not very many people are using LinkedIn videos to help in their job search.  You can stand out from the competition. You can solidify your personal brand and message. Hiring managers can get a good look at you and find out more about you as a candidate.

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This can also help you cut down on the “opportunities” that may come your way, that don’t pan out to be a good fit. You can save time and when you are looking for a new job, time is money until you put actual money in your pocket.

Getting Started with LinkedIn Videos

You don’t need fancy equipment, just a smartphone, nice clothes, a good script, and a LinkedIn profile. Act and say the same sorts of things you’d say in a job interview when you are asked, “Tell me about yourself.” There are great ways to answer this question, and not so great ways. Get some tips here: Three Different Ways for Answering “Tell Me About Yourself”

Here are some things to consider:

  • Practice. Write out a script but talk naturally, not like you are reading.
  • Don’t ramble. Get to the point and provide relevant and interesting information without getting off topic. Shoot for 30 to 90 seconds.
  • Create a nice background and play around with lighting for a nice look.
  • Add subtitles for viewers who will leave their sound off.
  • Include your contact information and invite the viewer to connect with you through LinkedIn
  • Remember to check your LinkedIn account for messages.

Don’t forget that your video shouldn’t be that long. You can post it in your profile and share it with people on your other networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) The more you can do to let people know you are looking for a job and what your qualifications are, the shorter your job search will be. This 90 seconds could be the ticket to your dream job. ]

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Happy job hunting. We are here for you!

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