Tips for Finding a Job on LinkedIn

by Guest Author, Brian Adam Searching for a new job opportunity or changing jobs are usually two of the most repeated purposes…and to achieve them there is a fundamental tool: the professional social network par excellence, LinkedIn, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2016. However, using LinkedIn properly is not easy, especially if you want…

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It’s Time To Up Your Social Media Job-Search Game

by Guest Author, Jack Kelly By now, you’ve seen the writing on the wall. Layoffs, hiring freezes and job offers being rescinded are the unfortunate new corporate trends. Businesses are in cost-cutting mode, fearful of the adverse effects of a possible global recession. Some companies, such as the Mom Project, are letting go of people in anticipation of “economic uncertainty”…

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Using LinkedIn in 2020 for Your Job Search

LinkedIn in 2020

LinkedIn is a great platform to help you find jobs, so why not take a fresh look at your job search using LinkedIn in 2020?  First impressions are important, so start with keeping your LinkedIn profile accurate and up to date. A clean and professional profile picture is the perfect start. The photo should be…

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Are You Using LinkedIn to its Full Potential?


LinkedIn can be the best tool you use LinkedIn is quite possibly the best social networking tool for executives – it enables you to simultaneously: promote your personal brand develop new networks re-connect with old network resources sell services locate new work, including contracts and jobs But much like the three-martini lunch, when used incorrectly…

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Use LinkedIn to Find Your Next Job

LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn Jobs–They are out there! Do you know the best way to find a job through LinkedIn? Within the LinkedIn site you can find all kinds of helpful information. We’ve summarized a few huge tips for you to start using LinkedIn to find a job. To read more click on the link to the complete…

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