Tips for Finding a Job on LinkedIn

by Guest Author, Brian Adam

Searching for a new job opportunity or changing jobs are usually two of the most repeated purposes…and to achieve them there is a fundamental tool: the professional social network par excellence, LinkedIn, which was acquired by Microsoft in 2016.

However, using LinkedIn properly is not easy, especially if you want to be successful in Finding a new job. Keep in mind that there are more than 800 million profiles created in the professional social network. How to stand out among so many candidates?

To answer this question and to help you improve your professional career thanks to this tool, we offer you the following tips that you should keep in mind if you are thinking of using LinkedIn to achieve a new professional opportunity:

-Optimize your profile. Spending time completing all the sections of the LinkedIn profile is essential. It is tedious, but keep in mind that it is the cover letter that those responsible for Human Resources will see from you. Spend time detailing your professional experience, your skills, your achievements…

-Use keywords. Think of two or three words by which you would like your profile to be found and using them naturally, both in the profile description and in the job descriptions, will help you be found in searches.

-Take care of the profile picture. This is key, since it is the first image of you that recruiters will have. Here are tips for choosing the best LinkedIn photo.

-Add audiovisual content. LinkedIn allows you to include photos, videos, PowerPoint presentations… in profiles, in order to enrich the information provided. Do not forget to include everything that can make you stand out.

-Valuations. Ask former co-workers, bosses, and people with whom you have had a working relationship to write you a recommendation for LinkedIn.

-Apply only for positions you fit. Do not send your application to every selection process, but select those possible positions that really fit your profile. This way you will avoid participating in selection processes in which you will not be chosen.

-Be interested in the company. If you’re applying for a job that catches your eye, head over to the Company Page on LinkedIn and learn more about the company and its corporate culture. Follow their profile, and also try to get to know the Human Resources managers who will manage the offer you have applied for.

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About the author: Brian Adam is a professional blogger, vlogger, traveler and explorer of new horizons.

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