The Personality Traits That Will Get You Hired

by Guest Author, Katharine Paljug Yes, prospective employers want to know your job skills. But they’re also interested in the parts of your personality that can contribute to their business. More than ever, employers want to know about your personality traits, or “soft skills,” not just your work experience and skill level. Soft skills include…

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How to Answer, “What is your dream job?” in an Interview

what is your dream job: an image of a young man in a business suit looking upward thoughtfully at a clean white desk with a potted plant.

Continuing with our series on how to answer interview questions, now we turn our attention toward “What is your dream job?” This kind of question seems pretty straightforward, however, you can think strategically about every question an interviewer asks. This way you can make sure your answer lines up with your goals.  Your true dream…

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How to answer, “Why do you want to leave your current job?”

"Why did you quit your job?" Illustration of two people meeting across a table with a computer and printouts on it.

When you are interviewing, how do you answer those more difficult questions like, “Why do you want to leave your current job?” You can be strategic, thoughtful, and positive with these difficult questions. It is an opportunity to show your skills and ability to frame your experiences in a forward-moving manner. Why Do Employers Ask…

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How to Use Instagram in Your Job Search

Instagram logo is shown on a phone being held by a masculine hand.

Have you added Instagram as a tool for your job search? Our online presence is important in a solid job-hunting plan. In-person networking can be difficult during the pandemic. This means that it’s vital to align all your social media profiles with your job search.  Companies are increasingly using Instagram to present their own brand,…

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5 Things That Will Slow Your Job Search

Slow your job search. Photo of a crosswalk sign indicating to stop in a busy city.

Don’t slow your job search down by making these five common mistakes.  Any of these errors can hamstring your career strategy.  If you’re making more than one of these mistakes, watch out for slow traffic ahead. 1) Not Networking Enough You can’t get hired if you can’t get seen. It’s crucial to up your game…

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Infographic Resume: A Creative Way to Present Your Credentials

infographic resume. Illustration of a man holding a piece of a pie chart in his arms, standing next to the completed chart.

How do you stand out from the crowd when the world is mostly online?  An infographic resume is one answer. Adding An Infographic Attitude Information noise is increasing every day.  We don’t read, we scan. You can counteract this overwhelm by creating an infographic resume.  Typically, recruiters only take 7 seconds to look at a…

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What to Do When You’ve Been Laid Off

Laid off? This photo shows a for hire sign from a London taxi.

So you’ve been laid off. This can cause a cascade of emotions and stress for anyone.  However, it’s important to keep a level head and stay focused on your goals, taking conscientious and regular action to get hired.  Here’s some ideas to maximize your ability to succeed. Go Public With Your Job Search Tell everyone.…

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Have you Updated your Facebook Profile for a Job Search?

Facebook profile picture. Image of woman reflected in a mirror made of profile pictures.

You’re out there looking for your perfect job.  You know what you want and what your skills are. You’ve updated your resume but have you updated your Facebook profile? Even if you use LinkedIn as your primary business profile, you need to make sure your Facebook profile is professional.  Facebook is pervasive in our modern…

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What it Takes to Get Hired in 2020

get hired in 2020

If you are looking to get hired in 2020 you are in a very good position. It’s a brand new decade! So many possibilities. So many options. Unemployments rates are at a record low.  Interest rates are also low so it’s easier for start-ups to get funded. Remote work is more of a possibility than…

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