Have you Updated your Facebook Profile for a Job Search?

You’re out there looking for your perfect job.  You know what you want and what your skills are. You’ve updated your resume but have you updated your Facebook profile?

Even if you use LinkedIn as your primary business profile, you need to make sure your Facebook profile is professional.  Facebook is pervasive in our modern culture.  The Pew Research Center found it is the most commonly used social media network. Employers, recruiters, and HR departments all use Facebook as part of the interviewing process.

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Adjust your Facebook Settings

There are a number of settings available to optimize your Facebook Profile for the job search.  Take some time to go through and make adjustments so that your profile is as good as your interview skills and your resume.

  • Check your privacy settings and set your posts to private or friends only.
  • Keep the party pictures to a minimum.
  • Consider hiding your friends list if you think that could impact your job search.
  • Also, consider turning off search engine indexing so that your Facebook profile is more difficult to find.

Update Your Facebook Profile Picture

Your profile pic is your first impression.  It may be worth it to get professional headshots done by a local photographer.  Try not to use a selfie if at all possible. If you must take your own photo, use a timer, good lighting, and stabilize your phone with a tripod or put it on a shelf near eye level.  Next, make sure you’re wearing simple business casual clothes. You should either choose a plain background, or one that is suitable for your work such as a bookshelf or office.  Finally, consider taking more than one photo and then using an app like Photofeeler to get real feedback on how you will be perceived by others.

What ever you do, don’t just crop yourself out of a pic with other people in a way that is obvious. This is just not professional. For more tips read How to Create the Perfect LinkedIn Profile Picture.

Don’t Ghost Your Social Media

Resist the urge to remove yourself from Facebook.  For good or ill, Facebook is part of our social existence.  Having a professional Facebook profile can only help you succeed. Most employers will check your social media accounts. According to a 2018 CareerBuilder survey, nearly half of employers stated they wouldn’t call a candidate for an interview if they couldn’t find a social media profile. Look through your photos. Would you show them to your Mom? If not, they need to go. Also, double-check that you haven’t badmouthed any previous employers. Always use good grammar and complete sentences in your public posts. Show off your passions and interests.  This is an opportunity to show prospective employers how well rounded you are.

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Facebook may have started as a way for college students to keep in touch, but it has transformed into a pillar of connection and online presence.  This means your Facebook profile is part of your public persona.  When you sell your house, you make sure that it has curb appeal and you stage your rooms for viewing.  Likewise, when you are on the job hunt it’s important to make sure you’ve streamlined your online presence and aligned it with the values you want to present to your future employer.

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