Great Phrases for a Resume: Use one today!

You never really know how many people are applying for the same jobs that you are. So, you have to make your resume stands out in a sea of applicants if you really want to land an interview.

The following are great phrases for a resume. If applicable, use them to make a hiring manager take notice.

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Phrases that Show You Get Results

Numbers and percents will get you noticed. Stats in a resume matter to your current and future bosses more than anything else.

Great Phrases for a Resume regarding the bottom line:

  • Cut costs by an estimated X%
  • Achieved cost-savings of X%
  • Saved time by ________
  • Maximized profitability by _______
  • Optimized productivity by ___________
  • Automated workflow using the following tools ___________________
  • Reduced waste by x% in these areas _________________
  • Implemented process improvements for these systems ________________
  • Expedited time-to-market and reduced delivery time by ______________
  • Increased capacity from X to X
  • Integrated processes
  • Secured ROI

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Tooting Your Own Horn (professionally, of course)

Be sure to list your achievements and credentials. You earned them.

Phrases that can help you do this include:

  • Recognized by…
  • Awarded the…
  • Earned a…
  • Achieved a…

Power Phrases (aka – action verbs)

  • Designed
  • Motivated
  • Increased
  • Reduced
  • Made a Difference
  • Professional Expertise
  • Proven Results
  • Remarkable Results
  • Foresight
  • Envisioned
  • Well-versed in…
  • Advised
  • Improved
  • Established
  • Clinched
  • Adapted
  • Advanced
  • Attained
  • Decisive
  • Delivered
  • Boost Morale

Don’t Forget to Match the Job Description

In order to get past Applicant Tracking Systems and resume gatekeepers, your resume and cover letter need to have some of the exact key phrases that are in the job description or job posting.

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