Are These Things Slowing Down Your Job Search?

How much time are you spending on your job search? Is it taking too long? The following things might be slowing you down. Take a look and see what adjustments you can make to land that dream job sooner.

#1. Outdated or subpar resume

Have you had a professional resume writer look at your resume? This could be the number one thing that boosts you from job search to job secured. We offer a FREE Critique so you have nothing to lose.

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#2. Your company search is too general

How much research are you doing on each and every opportunity you come across? More is not always better when it comes to completing online applications or responding to job postings. If an opening interests you, research the company thoroughly and find out as much as you can about the company culture, structure, success, and any contacts you may have there.

Better yet, make a list of the ideal companies you would like to work for, make contacts there, find out as much as you can, and inquire about any current or future opening. In the best case scenario, they will create a job for you based on your skills and experience because you made a great case for how you will benefit them.

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#3. You aren’t targeting your resume and cover letter to each specific job

Are you using a targeted resume? It focuses on a specific job opening at a particular company and is written in a way that highlights your skills and experiences as they address specific needs and problems the employer has. This is highly effective when paired with a targeted cover letter.

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#4. The beginning of your resume isn’t focused properly

Like a news article, the most important facts need to come first. The who, what, where, when information. Today, most resumes are read (or skimmed) online and often weeded out by an applicant tracking system first. The first third of your resume is the most important part. You need a compelling message or hook in order to stand out from all the other resumes.

#5. Your resume is way too long

Most of us have a tendency to give too much information rather than not enough. It can be tricky to strike the right balance. A really long resume is also a good indication that the applicant didn’t target the resume to the specific job. Believe or not, HR personnel, recruiters, and hiring managers will use this as a way to weed out candidates. A professional resume writer can really help you figure out how to target your resume and how long it should be.

#6. Your social media profile doesn’t support your job search

You can bet that before hiring you a company will check your social media.  If they don’t like what they see, they will not hire you. And, because companies often have employment agreements that include a clause about employee behavior and the reputation of the company, your social media presence could also cost you your current job.

Don’t miss out on that opportunity because you social media isn’t up to par.

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#7. Are you ignoring LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is becoming a powerhouse for hiring and job searches. Does your LinkedIn profile match your resume? Is it completely filled out? Have people endorsed you? Are you skills and accomplishments listed properly? You don’t want to lose out to someone who has a much better LinkedIn profile. Reviewing LinkedIn should be a daily part of your job search. Do you need a LinkedIn Makeover?

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