Do You Have a Professional Resume Whether You are an Executive or Not?

A professional executive resume is more important now than ever before. Why?

The reason is quite simple: There is more competition than ever before.

Securing an executive level position still has a lot to do with who you know and how you network. However, online job postings, remote work, Applicant Tracking Systems, and a larger pool of qualified candidates are all very real things you have to overcome in order to get hired.

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Why is a Professional Executive Resume Important?

When you submit your resume for consideration you are competing with so many other qualified candidates. In order to stand out, your resume has to highlight the very best and most important things about you, your skills, and your qualifications for the specific job you are after.

Your resume can’t be generic.

Your resume can’t look like every other resume out there.

Your resume needs to stand out.

Your resume needs to grab the reader’s attention.

How do you do this while also maintaining the level of professionalism required to land the job? It’s not about printing it on purple paper, or hand delivering your resume wrapped like a present, or having it sent by singing telegram. All these things have been tried, by the way. We don’t recommend it.

When it comes to securing your next job, not all attention is good attention.You aren’t a media news outlet. Your professional executive resume should be geared toward getting the right kind of attention. The interview kind. The hiring kind.

A professional resume written in the right way will get you an interview.

How is your job search going?

If you have been conducting a job search for awhile and are frustrated by the results, we can help. You are really good at what you do which is why you are looking for advancement. We are really good at what we do, which is working with professionals just like you to create the perfect resume. You aren’t expected to know how to do this. The great news is that Career Resumes offers a FREE Resume Critique. What do you have to lose?

We’d love to take at look at what you’ve got and offer some suggestions. Our suggestions might be just the edge you need to land your next interview. Let’s find out. Contact us today.

Imagine what kind of opportunities are out there waiting once your resume opens the right doors for you.

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