Executive Job Search Tips: Things to Avoid

We are here to help you with two very important executive job search tips.

Once you have reached the point in your career that includes executive status, looking for new opportunities is much different than when you were climbing the career ladder.

As you know, there are less job opportunities but much bigger salaries. You have spent your entire career making connections and contacts and becoming an expert at what you do. Who you know is most likely the key to your next position.

We don’t think you should waste your time on the following activities. But we hope you learn something new for this next step in your journey. And by the way, we’d like to remind you that we specialize in helping executives like you create amazing resumes and LinkedIn profiles that get results. We offer free critiques too, so check that out when you have time.

Executive Job Search Tips

Don’t waste your time on these traditional job search tools. You can, however, repurpose them to help you in other ways.

#1. Job Boards

Job boards are generally for entry level and mid-level positions. You are beyond that (thank goodness, right?) You aren’t going to find your ideal position posted there. The only saving grace of job boards for someone with your expertise is to keep tabs on companies who are hiring and growing. You may find companies listed on job boards that you are interested in doing your own research on. Scrolling through the company names may also jog your memory of contacts you have there who you could reach out to. They may be able to tell you about any executive level opportunities coming down the pike.

#2. Applicant Tracking Systems & Online Applications 

An Applicant Tracking System (ATS) is an online system that allows hiring companies to screen resumes and applications. It electronically sifts through massive amounts of data searching for the right keywords and phrases. The biggest problem with these for an executive search is that networking is going to land you your next job–not an online application.

Online applications and submitting your resume for the scrutiny of an ATS is also not where your career is at. Like job boards, you are beyond this.

However, it is still important to have a rock-solid resume. While you may not be trying get past the tracking system, it is still very important to have the right words and content on your resume. Once you make contact with the right people through your networking, you will want to send your resume along to seal the deal and get an interview.

Generally, once you get to the executive level, it is very rare to be required to fill out a job application. If you do, it should be a lot farther into the process then the first step. You are better off spending your time networking, inquiring about opportunities, and conducting informational interviews.

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