5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Resume Writer

How do you know when you need a professional resume writer?

Let’s face it. Job searching is hard.

It takes a lot of effort whether you have just lost your job, want to advance your career, can’t stand your current job, have to move, or the countless other reasons professionals embark on the daunting quest for a new job. There is research, applying, networking, interviewing, following-up, and carrying the mental load of the whole operation. Whew!

So, have you been at it a while? Are you getting frustrated? Do you want more callbacks?

Maybe it’s not you. Maybe it’s your resume.

Do you need a professional resume writer?

The following are 5 really good reasons to consider hiring a professional resume writer.

#1. You aren’t a writer

We all have our own unique set of gifts and talents. Just ask your mom, she’ll tell you what yours are. However, if writing isn’t one of yours, it’s a great idea to enlist the help of someone who can write well. Not just any writer, though. A professional resume writer will provide so much more than a spelling and grammar check.

They are experts at framing your career history in the best way possible for your situation. Also, they will use the right words and phrases to beat Applicant Tracking Systems and ensure your resume is noticed.

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#2. You don’t know what type of resume you need

Modern job seeking has changed. So has the standard resume format. Or more accurately, there are many more ways to structure a resume these days. Depending on your unique situation and job history, one format may be more effective for you than another.

#3. You are not highlighting your value proposition

A great resume just not merely list your job history and qualifications. It will position you as the best person for the job by expertly highlighting the unique value that you bring to the company. It can be hard to talk about ourselves in this manner without appearing to brag. An expert resume writer will find the perfect words to describe your value proposition.

#4. Your resume is not getting noticed

The worst part of any job search is not getting any type of response once you submit your resume. Did they lose it? Are you not qualified? Did they already hire someone? What is going on?

One reason may be ATS. Keywords and phrases are used for most job postings in order to screen applicants with an Applicant Tracking System. Your resume should be formatted properly and optimized with the right key terms in order to get past the initial screens.

Another reason may simply be that nothing is really standing out on our resume to make you seem better than all the other people applying. We can help you do better!

#5. You have a unique situation

We know, everyone is unique. Again, just ask your mom, she’ll tell you! However, there are some career situations that can benefit from a special type of resume. This includes:

  • limited work experience
  • changing careers and/or industries
  • a very specific skillset
  • spotty job history, several jobs for shorts periods of time
  • seasonal work
  • a large gap in your job history

So, do you need a professional resume writer?

If you have been applying to great opportunities and still struggling to land interviews, it is time to get some expert help!  Investing in a professional resume writer will give you just the edge you need to land your dream job sooner! Don’t waste anymore time. Let a great writer help you with your resume so you can concentrate on sharpening your skills and networking.

If any of the above situations apply to you, give us a call today! (800) 800-1220

Or take advantage of our FREE RESUME CRITIQUE

Happy Career Hunting! We are here for you!

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