Resume Targeting: An Executive Job Search Bullseye

Resume targeting has always been important and is even more crucial in today’s job market. Create a strategic resume for your executive job search.

Recently we published and article on Executive Job Search Tips and Things to Avoid. The strategy for advancing your career changes the further you travel up the ladder to success. Things like job boards and online applications become less important as networking and resume targeting become more likely to land you the corner office.

What is resume targeting?Resume Targeting

A targeted resume is exactly what it sounds like. It focuses on a specific job opening at a particular company. It is written in a way that highlights your skills and experiences as they address specific needs and problems the employer has. This is highly effective when paired with a targeted cover letter.

When you were younger and less experienced your job search was broader and more open. Now it makes sense to specifically go after what you really want.

Does resume targeting limit my job search?Resume Targeting

No, not when you have reached the executive level in your career. Employers are looking for specific people with a very defined set of skills to solve their unique problems and meet their unique needs. At this level, the more specific you can be, the better.

Your time is much better spent researching a potential employer and targeting your resume to their needs rather than using a more general resume to reach a wider audience.

Not sure how to do this? Wondering if your updated resume hits the mark? Don’t worry, we offer a FREE RESUME CRITIQUE and one of our expert resume writers will be happy to discuss your career goals with you in order to land a bullseye and get hired.

What do I include in a targeted resume?Resume Targeting

The first thing is to get crystal clear on the types of companies you want to work for and what specific positions and/or titles you are after or willing to accept. Chances are you already have a pretty good idea about this even if you haven’t already officially written it all down. 
Next, your resume should include:

  • your personal brand
  • what you stand for and value in your career
  • how you will help the company achieve its goals
  • relevant keywords and phrases

Career Resumes knows this is a crucial time in your career and it is important that any job change you make is very strategic. While resume targeting has always been important, it is even more so today. With so many job postings online and the ability to perform in depth research in mere minutes, the competition has never been tougher. The good news is that you have a secret weapon and it starts with our free resume critique. We are here for you. Good luck!

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