What you can learn from 382 recruiters chasing a fake candidate

On the Recruiting Animal’s Facebook page he shared a link to this: The inside story of how 382 recruiters pursued an imaginary engineer

There is a lot to learn from this write-up.  Even though it is for recruiters to learn, I think we can learn a lot, too.  Some things I took away (there are a lot more, read it for yourself):

In #1 the author calls LinkedIn an “overfished pond.”  Interesting, huh?  You can see their suggestions of other places recruiters are told to look for talent.  Where are you?

In #7 we learn how recruiters are writing emails that aren’t effective, and what they can do to make them more effective.  How effective are YOUR emails?

In #8 they talk about following up and referencing a previous conversation.  Very interesting idea.

In #9 they talk about the “what’s in it for me” concept, which I just wrote about on my JibberJobber blog.

It really comes back to communication, and your ability to develop relationships.  But there are lots of gems in that post.

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