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Jacob ShareJacob Share is a friend of mine who runs JobMob.  I had never heard the story that he blogged about yesterday titled The Best Personal Branding Story You Haven’t Heard, where he talks about how he got his first consulting client.

This is one of the coolest, most clever things I’ve heard someone do.

It took guts though.  There was risk.  He could have messed it up or been taken away, and his brand would have gone the other way.

But he didn’t.  What he did was on brand for his audience, and completely appropriate.

Not only did this help him land his first consulting client, it also helped pretty much everyone at the conference know who he was, more than just another faceless conference dweller.

Could you be so bold?

Read Jacob’s story here.

Jason Alba blogs for Career Resumes, a full service resume and LinkedIn Profile firm.  Jason is the founder and CEO of, a web tool to help you organize and manage your job search.

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  • Jacob Share

    Hey! That’s offensive to conference dwellers.

  • Jason Alba

    LOL – glad you found this post Jacob 🙂

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