Can’t Get Informational Interviews? Maybe it is your approach…

Today on my JibberJobber blog I wrote about Wayne who graciously shared his technique for trying to get informational interviews (or, time on the phone with people in his field).

Wayne is doing some things right, some things wrong, but not getting any results he wants.

The comments are awesome.  Career professionals are weighing in, as well as regular people (non-career-pros).  Everyone is pretty much right, and there are themes.

I am proud of Wayne for doing this, AND for asking for input.  My questions to you:

Are you doing something? Whether that is networking or asking for informational interviews or whatever, are you doing the hard things in the job search?  Don’t hide behind applying online all day (like I did).  You have to do the hard things.

Are you asking for feedback?  If something isn’t working, find out why and change.  This takes guts and humility.

Kudos to Wayne for doing both.

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