Have You Tried the LinkedIn Publishing Platform?

LinkedIn publishing starts with writing. Image shows a woman's hands starting to type on a laptop.

The LinkedIn publishing platform is an effective built-in function of LinkedIn that can increase your reach and engagement with prospective employers.  Relationships are the key to landing that perfect job, and taking the time to create some long-form content within your expertise area is a great way to let people get to know you.  Publishing…

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The Value of Having a Business Mentor

business mentor

The optimal time for a business mentor is when you are just starting your career or switching jobs or industries. This is not to say you wouldn’t benefit at other times–but this is when you might need a mentor the most. What exactly is a business mentor? The very knowledgeable people over at BusinessMentors.Org define…

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The Key to Looking for a New Job

looking for a new job

Is looking for a new job part of your New Year’s resolution? We understand that when you are looking for a new job you don’t always want to announce it to the world. Especially if you don’t want your current employer to know you are seeking new employment. It’s probably a good thing that Facebook…

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LinkedIn Taps into Why People Are (and aren’t) Networking


Networking is Important So why aren’t more people doing it? LinkedIn surveyed thousands of professionals around the world who use LinkedIn to find out how they feel about networking, what triggers (or prevents) them from doing it and how frequently they’re making connections. They discovered that while most people agreed that networking is important, not…

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Connections: How They Can Help You Find Your Next Job


Your Connections Could Be Your Best Resource in your Job Search Q: Who are you connections? A: Anyone you know! Who do you know? Who works in a field you are interested in? Do you know someone who works for the company you are applying for? Who has your dream job? According to a recent…

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Interview Follow-Up: Just Do It!

following up should be part of the job search

How Effective is Your Interview Follow-up? So, you’ve had your interview, you sent your thank you, you keep searching–now what? If you are in a lull with your job search it is good to ask yourself, “Who haven’t I followed-up with lately?” Before you do, check out Allison Green’s article in U.S. News & World…

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