Connections: How They Can Help You Find Your Next Job

Your Connections Could Be Your Best Resource in your Job Search

Q: Who are you connections?

A: Anyone you know!

Who do you know? Who works in a field you are interested in? Do you know someone who works for the company you are applying for? Who has your dream job?

According to a recent article published by Catherine Fisher, published on LinkedIn’s Blog,

Nothing will ever be more helpful in your job search than the people you know.

The connections you’ve made and the relationships you’ve formed are often your best resource for finding your way in to a new job. In fact, more than 70% of professionals get hired at companies where they have a personal connection. Additionally, we know this: job candidates who are referred by an employee are 8 times more likely to get hired.

Check out the article and a few really cool videos of professionals who leveraged their connections to land their next job. You might get some good ideas of who you should contact next!

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