Get Promoted – 4 Ways that Work

Are you hoping to get promoted soon? Have you been wondering how you can help with the process? Here are 4 ways that will help your boss recognize that you deserve it. Surprisingly, they all have to do with asking for help – not pretending you can do it all on your own. Are you ready to jump in and advance your career? Ok, let’s go…

#1. Research Your Options

Is your boss or manager your #1 go-to when you have a problem or need help? Maybe there are other resources you have not considered before. Companies will often keep information on past projects and tasks you could research. Your HR manager should be able to help in this regard. Reviewing procedures and processes may also answer your questions and give you a clearer view of expectations. Often, we read handbooks and the like when we first get hired, but either forget the information or never really retain it. There is so much to process when starting a new job. Regular review of this type of information may answer a lot of your questions.

#2. Consider the Problem Before Reacting

Try to avoid knee-jerk reactions to problems or issues when they arise. Pause before discussing it with anyone – which could be taken as a request for help. Take a moment to determine what you know, where you could find help, and who could provide it. Try to resolve the problem on your own first. Finally, ask for help from people either inside or outside of your company that could help.

#3. Consult Your Network

Before asking someone you work with, consult your professional network to see if anyone you know has dealt with a similar situation and seek their advice. This shows incredible resourcefulness and initiative. Even if you don’t completely obtain a way to solve the problem, you may have gained invaluable insight you can bring back to your team.

#4. Always Offer to Help Others

As you know, it can be difficult to ask for help. No one wants to appear unprepared or lacking knowledge. However, giving help is just as important as receiving it. Be a valuable resource in your network and to your colleagues. Believe it or not, the more helpful you are to others, the easier it becomes to ask for help when you need it. This give-and-take shows great teamwork and will reflect positively on you when you ask for that well-deserved promotion.

How Will You Get Promoted?

Which one of these tips will you use this week? Is there one that you really struggle with? We’d love to hear about your career journey and the promotion you are going after. We are here for you.

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