As Technology Evolves, Scientist Jobs Are In Demand

by Guest Author, Lucy Wyndham

There is a huge demand for scientists from employers across the country. Scientist jobs are at the top. Even the absolute top jobs – in the federal administration – are going unfilled, as the New York Times highlights, with the labor market facing an absolute dearth of scientists looking to move into the workplace. It’s understandable, given the recent success stories coming out of finance and computer science circles. However, the country needs its scientists in order to keep innovating and keep ahead of the pack. Pay is increasing, as are benefits, with employers crying out for talent – starting in the schools.

Becoming an educator

The teaching profession had already been under siege for a few years before the pandemic hit. With that, vacancies skyrocketed, according to Christian Science Monitor, as teachers on leave from schools looked for new avenues. Given the skills and knowledge science teachers bring, they were often the first to go. A rebound is now in place, with ever-increasing wages, terms, and benefits on the way to shore up an ailing profession countrywide. It’s hard to overstate how important science teachers are. They play a key role in inspiring the next generation of kids to get involved with research and development and ensure that a similar labor market gap doesn’t appear in the future.

Joining the startups

The variety of startups being founded today is startling. They work in every corner of life, from finance to compliance, to property and even medicine. As a result, there are huge openings for scientists, according to Nature. Chief science officers are in high demand as the economy becomes increasingly digitized. Startups are looking to take a slice of the new market by providing life services, and they need scientists to advise on that and give their expert opinion and skills to research efforts. This is a huge opportunity for scientists, and likely one that will remain in place for the next few years – in many ways, smart tech is in its infancy.

Fighting back

Keen observers of geopolitics will also have noticed one trend which is pushing the importance of scientists and innovators to the forefront. According to Chemistry World, China is now the world leader when it comes to high-impact research. That means that their advances and innovations have a far greater level of importance than any other country right now, and it puts the USA – historically a dominant force in research terms – on an uneven footing. You can be absolutely sure that the government will not let this lie, and, indeed, this is the reason behind the administration calling out for new top scientists to join. As a result, there’s likely to soon be a huge proliferation in the number and quality of research jobs in institutes across the country.

Scientists are in huge demand. The economy is, by necessity, moving towards an innovation cycle. Now is the time to be bold, to try out new ideas and apply them to all aspects of modern life. To accomplish that, scientists are needed.

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