Your Resume, Your Job Search and Your Legacy

As a business owner and entrepreneur I like to read certain magazines – Inc is my favorite and Fast Company is right behind it.

In these magazines they frequently profile businesses and entrepreneurs, telling about their stories of success or the path they are on to success… it’s invigorating to read, and helps me understand where I should be headed.  It’s lonely being an entrepreneur… just as lonely as it is being a job seeker.

What if you could read about job seekers who have either been successful, or the job seekers who are on their path to success?  Do you think that would help you in your job search?

Let’s take it one step further…

I have often dreamed of my story and my profile being featured in Inc magazine.  After all, I’m on a great path to success (aren’t you?)!  I have almost written my own success story for the magazine – not to submit it, but to have something more tangible that I can use in my journey.

What about you – can you write your future?  Can you write of the terrific successes you’ll have, even of how you got through this very difficult job search?  Can you write of how you made it through this rotten economy?

You should!  Think beyond today, beyond tomorrow, even beyond this next year – think about where you will be in five or ten or twenty years (trust me, your job search won’t go on that long!).

What you are living now is not much different than the hardships that others have lived before, whether they were political pioneers, successful business owners or doctors or accountants or whatever you aspire to be.  No one is immune from hardships – living through your own might just be a way of paying your dues – but DON’T LOSE SIGHT of where you should be headed.

Try it – write your own future.  What you live will be your legacy – go all out and write the very best legacy that you could and should write.  This is not stuff that makes up all of the facts that go on a resume, but it is stuff that shows your character and your makeup – the stuff that really has an impact on your future.

You are creating part of your future right now – even in despair realize it will get better, you’ll live through it, and you’ll succeed!

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