Job Search (and Career) Epiphanies

I recently wrote a post called Becoming Uncommon in your Job Search, based on a blog post I read from Glen Plantz (original post here).  The idea is cool, along the lines of personal branding, and how to me memorable and unique…

Dan Johnson left a really insightful comment.  Dan has been in job search (and career management) mode since I’ve known him, and is pretty reflective about this stuff.  Here’s his comments, with my thoughts:

>> One of the biggest shifts in thinking for me

I like to listen to thought leaders, so when I read this I was really interested to hear what the biggest shift would be…

>> was when I realized that my job is not my career.

Very interesting!  I’ve thought along these lines but never said it that way – thanks Dan!

>> It is only one part of it.

Absolutely right – just as a “job search” is a part of “career management.”

>> As I’ve worked to develop my personal brand, I’ve realized that there’s so much more about me and what I have to offer the world than what I do at a job.

Too many times we define ourselves by our (current) title… which is NOT GOOD for many reasons (like, how quickly a title can go from cool to UNEMPLOYED).

>> In many cases, this has led to other hobbies and projects, which has led to other opportunities.

Really good realization – not only opportunities, perhaps opportunities you are actually passionate about!

Want to read what Dan thinks a critical characteristic is of a successful job seeker?  You can read the rest of his comment here.

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