It’s not who you know. It’s not even who knows you.

You can probably guess it’s more like “it’s who knows WHAT about YOU.”

Think about the last few posts on the hidden job market.  If someone who knows about an unposted job knows you that could be good – but they need to know stuff about you!  They need to know what your skills, passions or background are.  They should know that you are approachable, and perhaps even open to new opportunities.  Shouldn’t have to say it but I know people don’t approach others because they think they are secure or happy with their current job, when indeed that could be the furthest thing from the truth!

As you grow your network, and nurture relationships, make sure you are working to educate people about you and what your brand is.

You just can’t get away from personal branding and networking, can you 🙂

Your resume should be on-brand, and a strong communication tool.  If your resume is not getting you interviews then get a free resume critique from Career Resumes.

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