Women’s Interview Clothes – Skirts, Slacks, Suits . . . Jeans?

What are some acceptable modern day women’s interview clothes?

It’s smart to remember that what you wear on an interview speaks volumes to potential employers.

Are you getting the feeling that you’re about to close in on that big job interview, the one with the company you researched with every fiber of your being before submitting your resume and cover letter? If that’s the case, it’s essential to get your interview clothes together. Remember that what you wear will make a big impression, pro or con, on the people you meet when you interview. Remember also, that there might be multiple interviews ahead of you just to land that one job, so it’s wise to have more than one option to draw from.

How to choose the right women’s interview clothes

If you’re undecided on how to dress, start with the organizational culture and the position itself. If the company is highly traditional, a conservative suit which includes a skirt and jacket, is always a good choice. In terms of color, think navy blue, gray, black or some similarly conservative hue. If the company is on the conservative side but with a slightly more relaxed dress code, think pencil skirts, tailored pantsuits, dressy blazers and the like.

The industry itself is a strong indicator of what to wear. As we mentioned in a recent piece on men’s interview attire, going to a construction site for an interview dressed in a suit is a sure way to put your interviewer off and make yourself look bad despite your nice clothes. If you’re in a situation like this, consider what we told the guys, and dress at a supervisory or managerial level. In the construction industry, consider a nice pair of jeans, a button-down shirt, dressy-casual jacket and high-quality work boots.

women's interview clothes

Here’s that piece we wrote for men.

Still in doubt? Look at the company website for clues. How do they present themselves? Social media is another good place to investigate the company’s style. What if everyone’s decked out in T-shirts? You might wear a T-shirt too, dressed up with a snappy blazer.

Think: What would I wear on an average day on the job and boost it by a notch or two. Or maybe this: What would I wear if I had to meet with a potential client at this job? Check out this article out for some great insights.

Remember not to overlook your grooming. Nice, clean hair and nails are a must. Hit your favorite salon if you need some sprucing up, and consider a mani-pedi. Don’t overdo it on the makeup, and wear jewelry in keeping with the company culture. Skip the perfumes and colognes since some workplaces ban them due to allergy and asthma concerns.

Not only will paying attention to all these details help you make a good impression on an employer, they’ll help you make a good impression on yourself, and can do a lot to make you feel your best. That translates into more confidence for you.

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