Top Tips for Career Success in The Hospitality Industry

Are you interested in the hospitality industry?

“Whatever you do, or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it,” wrote Johann Wolfgang in the 19th century.

That quote appropriately describes the life of hospitality sensation, Leah Marshall, of Le Bristol. She joined the industry at a tender age of 15 years for a summer job in an inn. With her can-do attitude and a determined work ethic, she continued to work while in high school and after graduating at 18, she took a 7-days a week job, working from 7 am till late in the night. She rose from that humbling job and climbed the hospitality industry ladder to make history at 27 years by becoming Westin’s first female hotel manager. Reaching her colossal accomplishment needed bright ideas, huge commitment, and people-steering skills, as she told Forbes. Her main keys to a successful career in the hospitality industry include:

Understand and know yourself

Whether you are 16 or 60 years old, you should understand what makes you tick and feel happy about yourself. You should think critically about your interests and be aware of the choices you need to make to drive in that direction and then transform those choices into active steps. Marshall says that what made her who she is today is because she loves to:

  • share and impart information
  • boost skills and knowledge with both hotel colleagues and guests
  • create positive opportunities and experience for everyone

Nurture relationships and give good energy

A successful career in the hospitality industry is about building successful relationships. As per her advice, you should treat your guests like your extended family such that making them happy for a day, a week or more makes you happy.

She further insists that this vice is specifically of much value when it comes to dealing with returning guests. Also, in hospitality and other service industries, it is imperative always to give positive energy. Most of the time you will have to deal with guests who are diverse in cultures, races, and interests. Whichever the case, you should always rise to the occasion and interact with them accordingly. “The best workers are adequately tuned into servicing all people,” says Marshall.

Don’t rest on your laurels

You should take nothing for granted but instead start each day thankful and determined to make yourself better. Ms. Marshall notes that she never counts her working hours because she looks at her profession as a passion. She insists that in the hospitality industry, it is all about creativity, kindness and working hard and at the end of the day, making memories for both your guests and yourself.

Hotel business around the world is a high-ranking revenue creator which provides relaxing and luxurious services of all kinds. Any division of hospitality gives an individual an opportunity to make a successful career and accomplish various heights in the industry. You should be sure to obtain proper training and acquire valid certification as the most critical aspect of the field is to ensure guest satisfaction. With the right experience and the above mindset, you can mold your hospitality career into what you desire.

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