Tips for Breaking into Ethical Business as a Career

Are you drawn to a career in ethical business?

If you are looking for a job at an ethical business, the statistics are definitely on your side. Research from Mintel has revealed that 56% of consumers stop buying from companies they believe are unethical; 35% do so even where is no available substitute for these products and services.

Ethical businesses currently shine in a variety of sectors, including fashion, health, and beauty. If you want to make your first step into the workforce a giant leap for mankind, follow these job-seeking tips and hopefully land a role in a company that believes in you as much as they do in paying it forward.

Matching Interests with Companies for an Honest, Interesting Resume or CV

Try to match your own altruistic interests to those of your chosen company, so your resume reflects the type of ethos they are after. If you are trying to land a job in a company that promotes youth education and causes, for instances, it pays if you already have volunteer experience with youths or children in your local community.

Is there a cause you are passionate about?

Successful ‘giving’ clothing brands like Stella McCartney, Everlane, or Eileen Fisher each push their own causes. Thus, ask yourself which cause you would like to support for the next few years of your career; these may include environmental sustainability, education for children, or resources and jobs for people living in poverty-stricken areas.

When drafting your resume, make sure to include experiences that reveal your interest giving back to the community. Even if it isn’t an exact match for your company of choice, it will demonstrate your interest in change and growth, suggesting you might be a perfect fit for their team.

Consider Joining an Ethical Business Startup

A successful company may tick all the boxes for you, yet they may also have limited places for new graduates. Consider honing your skills at a startup. Not only will this give you the chance to build something potentially great, but also build an impressive resume. This will come in handy if you decide to apply in the future to your chosen list of companies.

Startups have such potential that being part of their growth is certainly a unique experience that will give you plenty of knowledge to start up an ethical company of your own in the future. Exciting startups are showing big league players how it’s done.

Take Ecosia, an environmentally friendly search engine that donates 80% of advertising revenues towards environmental protection. Consider Good Connection, which partners with charities and is centered on health, donating 20% of revenues to charity. These companies may be small but they are doing exciting things… why not be a part of them?

Observe the Ethical Company during the Recruitment Process

How you are treated at interviews will give you important information on the ethics of a company. So will observing the corporate culture, relationship between employees, etc. on your visit.

Ethical companies will be clear and honest, answering questions about their altruistic work with an ‘open book’ mentality. They will also be part of membership bodies like the Ethical Trading Initiative or receive recognition from reputable institutions such as Ethisphere.

We have mentioned just a few ways to get your foot into an ethical business. Choosing the right business is vital, so you can work in an area that already ignites your passion. If you don’t get called back by the companies in your list, broaden your horizons. Consider forming part of a startup that will hopefully give the bigger guns a run for their money.

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