Why Your Job Search Is Going Nowhere

I just read this on a local newspaper site:

“Hours of his days the past nine months have been spent in front of his laptop screen.”

I remember those days.  Totally fruitless.  Playing soduko online would have been more productive.

“I’ve spent about two hours a day, 10 to 15 hours a week searching for jobs,” the business management degree holder said. “Posted my resume on monster.com, Careerbuilder, tried Linked In, Facebook networking, had probably the most success off of BYU’s recruiting website… Craigslist, whatever.”

Tried LinkedIn? What does “tried” mean? Gone on, created a lame profile (like so many are), and waited?

What is the value of posting a resume on monster or careerbuilder, if that’s all you do there?

There is a lot more to a successful job search strategy than what you do on the computer… don’t just “try” LinkedIn – understand it and do meaningful stuff there.

Don’t just post resumes online, or apply to jobs you find online… if you spend 5 minutes online looking for a job without having gotten any training on how to look for a job online, you are wasting your time.

Take it from me – I excelled at wasting time, even though I thought I was doing really good job search stuff.

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