“Can you help me?”… Um, no.

Can you help me?

Seriously, can you give me a hand?

Actually, what I really want is an introduction.

Any introduction will do.  Oh wait, how about an introduction to that really, really big company.


No?  WHY NOT????

I see this ALL THE TIME.  Here’s an example, from a LinkedIn Group:


I can’t help this person.

Even though I immediately thought about my contacts at Costco… there is no way I can help.  Is he looking for someone to get a food in, or a book, or a job, or a … ???

Beyond that, I don’t even know this person.

IF you ask for help (and you should), here are some things to consider:

  1. I might help you if I know what I’m helping for (and can feel comfortable with that)… I want to feel comfortable with the introduction I’m doing and not just throw mud on the wall.
  2. I might help you if I am comfortable recommending you.  I have to know something about you, and your character. I don’t want to risk my relationships for someone I don’t know.

Communicate those two points and I bet you’ll have more success when you ask for leads and introductions.

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