Can You Be Found On Google?

Last week I talked about why your job search is going nowhere and made the funny (but true) comment:

Playing soduko online would have been more productive.

Still cracks me up to read that :p

I don’t want to steer you away from doing stuff online, though.  I just want you to think about what you are doing and is it effective.

Something that you seriously need to consider is how talent (that is, job seekers) is being found.  If I’m a recruiter (or hiring manager), where do I go to look for you?

I’m hearing of two main places to look:

  • LinkedIn
  • Google

Google (or any search engine) owns this vast database we call “the internet.”  So the question is, if I’m a hiring manager and I’m looking for a project manager in Seattle, will I find you?

Go to google and do this search: “Project Manager” seattle (or just click on that link)

What comes up? DO YOU COME UP?

You can come up on the front page of the searches, if you know how to do it.  It’s not rocket science or black magic, it is pretty straight forward.  It will take work, but wouldn’t it be worth it?

Here are five things to do to show up:

Blog. This is my #1 suggestion for showing up on the front page of Google.

LinkedIn account. The cool thing about this is you are hitting two birds with one stone.  Your LinkedIn profile is actually searchable by search engines (unless you turn that off by default).

Twitter account. Have the key phrase (project_manager) in the handle/name.

Write articles. Submit them to free ezine sites, which means you’ll be a “published author” (not to diminish other work from real published authors).  This could be impressive to some people, but more than that, could help with the search engine results.

Comment on other peoples blogs. This is pretty easy – go find blogs that have to do with project manager or Seattle and leave comments.  Many blogs allow their comments to be spidered by the search engines.

This stuff doesn’t just happen – you have to intentionally work at it!

Can you be found on Google … or LinkedIn?

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