When You Land Your Job, Let People Know!

I just got an email from a contact saying that he landed, where he landed, what role he got, and thanking his contacts for their support during their job search.

This is a great email to get, for various reasons.

Too many times people get into networking mode during a job search but as soon as they don’t need their network (aka, they land a job), they drop off the face of the earth.

They think their problem is solved, and they are done, and they disappear.

Sending a follow-up email once you land your job is a great way to let those who have helped you, in one way or another, even if you don’t know they helped you, know that you were successful, and that you are grateful for their help, thoughts and concern.

It’s a great way to let them know what your new position is, which might help them know how you can help them.

It’s also another touch-point you can have with them.  This is a touch-point where you aren’t asking for help, rather giving them some news they can celebrate with you.  It’s basic relationship stuff.

People want to know you should celebrate with them… let them know, let them celebrate with you.

The next time you need their help, which might be in 2 months or 2 years, they should be that much more ready to help you.

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