Networking at conferences: Nametags

Thom Singer is writing a series on how to network at conferences – it is a brilliant series (for a number of reasons).  He’s doing it based on letters of the alphabet, and he’s up to “N.”

N is for Nametags, he writes.

He talks about the importance of nametags, making sure they are worn in a place where people can read them, saying:

“Make sure that the font is large enough to to be read at a distance and that you have the persons first name, last name, and company name.”

I just got back from a conference and am headed to a few others.

The nametag is not a document that needs a lot of information.  If I remember I’m going to change my nametag so it JUST has my first name… (maybe a bit more).

I have bad eyes, and usually can’t see the first name of the person wearing it. There is a lot of noise on a nametag, like the conference name and logo, person’s hometown, website, company name, etc.

All I want is the first name.  And I want to be able to see it easily.

Since the nametag is also a branding opportunity, I might put my Twitter handle, and perhaps my company website…. so in summary, the three things of importance, to me, are this (in this order):

  1. First name: Jason
  2. Company URL:
  3. Twitter handle (depending on the audience): @JasonAlba

One time I remember not even putting my first name, I just put my Twitter handle… that way you could see my first name and know I was on Twitter (and easily follow me).

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