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Are you on Nick Corcodilos’ newsletter? It’s free, and it’s valuable.  My favorite feature is the question and answer session he puts in every newsletter.  Last week someone asked:

“I used a headhunter to help me fill a position in my group, but it didn’t turn out well. The good news is that the headhunter found us a great candidate, and we made a good offer. But after some back and forth, the candidate decided to take a job at another company. This was our #1 candidate. I stopped working with the headhunter after that because I was pretty upset. Now I’m wondering, did I shoot myself in the foot?”

Is this question relevant to you, as a job seeker?  ABSOLUTELY… you need to understand how recruiters work, what companies think of them, etc.

Normally the questions are from job seekers, like this recent question:

I have had 10 jobs in 12 years. All have been increasing in experience from a lowly copier technician, to parts runner, to computer technician, to part-owner of a company, to service manager with multi-million dollar accounts with 5-10 techs under me, and finally to high-end computer networking engineer for some big companies.

Now I’m looking for a network engineering position in a smaller to medium-sized company. I’ve obtained some software certifications and taken some admin courses. All of my experience is baptism by fire and road-warrior stuff.

The first question out of prospective employers is, “How come you’ve had 10 jobs in 12 years?” I want to shift the focus to what I can do for the company instead of defending my resume, but I am not sure how to go about it.

The questions are from real people with real issues, and Nick’s approach is a no-nonsense, honest, from-the-trenches approach.

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